How To Setup Home Recording Studio

Learn how to set up your home recording studio from start to finish. How to choose the right room for recording, where to place your workstation, and much more. Transform your room into a recording business.

Home recording studio set up

Recording Guides

Record songs

How To Record Songs

Learn how you can record songs at your home studio. How to prepare for recording and lay down all the tracks.

Mix songs

How To Mix Songs

Improve your recording skills and learn every little thing about song mixing. Become a home mixing engineer.

Master songs

How To Master Songs

Finish your tracks with mastering. Find out how mastering works and what is needed to finish your amazing songs.

Home Studio Guides

Musical gear

Essential Home Recording Gear

Find out every gear you need to have in your home recording studio. From musical instruments to accessories like cables and guitar picks.

Acoustic panels

Recording Room Acoustic Treatment

The recording room needs to have a good sound. Learn how to treat your room acoustically with acoustic panels. Make your room awesome.

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