One of the biggest problems in home recording studios is low-end build-up. And bass traps are the best solution to control low frequencies.

Every recording studio requires good acoustic treatment. An acoustically well-treated room is critical for great-sounding recordings. But acoustic panels are not enough.

The acoustic panel avoids sound bounces and makes recording rooms better for recording. But it alone can’t do everything. You need a bass trap to control low-frequency build-up in the corners.

What’s The Best Bass Trap?

Now let’s dive in and see what are some of the best bass traps you can get and make your recording room better sounding. You will find the list of the best bass traps for your recording studio.

1. ATS Acoustics Corner Bass Trap

Big corner bass trap for any recording studio.

  • 24″x48″x13″
  • Mineral Wool
  • Triangle
ATS Acoustics Corner Bass Trap

ATS Acoustics Corner is a great corner bass trap for any recording studio. It’s a well-known manufacturer of acoustic panels. This particular bass trap is great for corners where two walls meet. Two of them could cover the whole surface.

This bass trap can absorb low frequencies and make a recording room better sounding. And because of the size, you won’t need any additional, small traps for corners.

Also, they offer two types. One type absorbs low, mid, and high frequencies. Another one absorbs low frequencies but reflects high frequencies. Also, they come in 30+ different colors of fabrics.

2. PrimAcoustic London

Amazing bass traps for absorbing low-end frequencies.

  • 24″x48″
  • Glass Wool
  • Rectangle
PrimAcoustic London bass trap

London Bass Trap kit by Prim Acoustic is one of the best bass traps for your home recording studio. The box comes with two panels and eight corner impalers. triangle-shaped panels. Great panels for high-wall rooms and corners. Comes in four different colors.

This is a low-end absorbing bass trap and absorbs about 200Hz to 300Hz. Also, can absorb very few low mid-range frequencies and leaves high frequencies. Panels are 2″ thick and leave a 17″ gap between the panel and a corner.

This is a great solution for medium to large rooms. It can make any room recording-friendly and low-frequency-free. Made from high-quality material and made by a great manufacturer.

3. GIK Acoustics FlexRange

Very high-quality bass traps in different shapes.

  • 23″x23″ or 23″x47″
  • Fiberglass
  • Square and Rectangle
GIK Acoustics FlexRange

GIK Acoustics FlexRange series is a great solution for low-end control. You can get great results with these panels. They are not only good for corners but also for walls and behind the drum kit.

FlexRange technology allows you to control different frequencies. Full Range absorbs low and high frequencies and is great for early reflections. Range Limiter absorbs lows but retains high frequencies.

Also, Gik Acoustics 224 bass trap series have built-in diffusion that allows producing more natural sound in the room. Comes in different colors of fabric.

4. Ultimate Acoustics Bevel

A very affordable bass trap if you are on a budget.

  • 24″x12″
  • Foam
  • Rectangle
bevel bass trap

Ultimate Acoustics Bevel bass trap is a great sound-absorbing panel for recording rooms. It’s big, rectangular-shaped panels and a box includes two panels. It’s a medium-sized panel and can be a great solution for small to medium-sized rooms.

These pair of bass traps are great for different room corners. You can install them on ceiling lines and wall line corners. It’s made from foam and is very lightweight. And because it’s a triangle shape, it sits perfectly in corners.

Bevel traps are a great solution for home recording studios because of their low price. Also, you get two panels in a box. These pairs will make any room great for recording and avoid low-end accumulation.

5. GIK Acoustics Scopus

Small bass traps for ceiling and wall joint corners.

  • 24″x24″
  • Fiberglass
  • Square
GIK Acoustics Scopus

Scopus is a great series of bass traps from GIK Acoustics. They are very high-end products with amazing features. With these panels, you can 100% control the low frequencies and make your room perfect for recording.

What makes this Tuned Bass Trap special is that it has built-in diffusers, called Impression, or Alpha series plates. It makes Scopus very diverse. This particular model, T100, can absorb low frequencies from 80Hz to 160Hz.

These are small, square-shaped traps and work perfectly on the corners where two walls and a ceiling meet. You can cover all four corners and make your recording room low-frequency-free. Comes in different colors and wood finishes.

6. PrimAcoustic Cumulus

One of the best bass traps in a triangle shape.

  • 24″x24″
  • Glass Wool
  • Triangle
PrimAcoustic Cumulus

Cumulus by Prim Acoustic is another tri-corner bass trap for recording rooms. It can absorb sound from 100Hz, fits any room and decor, and is Class-A fire rated. So, it’s safe to use. It also comes in three colors – black, beige, and grey.

The Bass trap is triangular with beveled edges. The package comes with an eye hook, drywall anchors, and spring clips. Cumulus will fit easily in every corner and make it low-frequency-free. This is a very high-quality product.

And most importantly, it has really great absorption coefficients. It can absorb sound from 100Hz to 2kHz which is a wide range. But it works best in frequency ranges from 120Hz to 200Hz and 300Hz to 550Hz.

7. Addictive Sound Triangle

Bass trap that fits perfectly in every corner.

  • 40″x20″
  • Wool
  • Rectangular
Addictive Sound Triangle bass trap

The Addictive Sound Triangle is a great bass trap for every recording room. It’s a big, 3′ panel in a triangle shape. It sits perfectly in the corners. These panels are really good and even great for professional recording studios.

It’s also a heavy one. It wight about 17 pounds which is really heavy. It has solid construction and comes in many different colors. Made from high-quality wool and absorbs frequencies very well.

Great for wall lines or in the corners where the wall and ceiling connect to each other. Great low-end absorber but also works well for mid-range. It has an impact on sound frequencies from 50HZ to 4000Hz.

8. GIK Acoustics Demi Tri-Trap

Small but very powerful bass trap for small corners.

  • 24″x23″
  • Fiberglass
  • Triangle
GIK Acoustics Demi Tri-Trap

Demi Tri-Trap by GIK Acoustics is a specially designed corner bass trap. Small, triangular trap for low frequencies. It has great sound absorption abilities and can make any room perfect for recording. One of the best bass traps for small corners.

This bass trap can absorb sound from 60Hz to 600Hz which is great. You will be sure that there will be no low-frequency accumulation in your recording room. This product comes in different colors and fits in most corners.

Another great thing is that you can choose panels by a range of absorption. One type absorbs the fully, the second one absorbs but also bounces sound, and the third one absorbs and also scatters some frequencies.

9. Addictive Sound Tube

These tube-shaped bass traps will fit into every corner.

  • 40″x12″
  • Wool
  • Tube
Addictive Sound Tube

Addictive Sound Tube is a tube bass trap. It’s a 3.3″ tall panel with a tube shape. And that is one of its best features of it. Not only does it absorb the sound, but it also evenly disperses it and makes the room more natural sounding.

This 12″ diameter tube bass trap can fit in any room and corner because of its shape. It’s made from high-quality wool for maximum sound absorption. Has a very solid construction and you can get it in various color finishes.

Price is also very affordable for every home studio owner. Because of the price, quality, and flexibility, the Addictive Sound Tube bass trap is a great choice and a good alternative to traditional sound absorbers.

10. Auralex Acoustics LENRD

Cheap bass traps for small home recording studios.

  • 2’x1′
  • Foam
  • Triangle
Auralex Acoustics LENRD

LENRD by Auralex is a great bass trap with awesome sound absorption capabilities and a reasonable price. Really great choice for home recording studios to make room acoustics better. You can avoid low-frequency accumulation in corners with LENRD.

You can use Auralex LENRD in wall and ceiling line corners as well as corners where two walls and ceiling connect. Made from high-quality materials and comes in three different colors. It can fit into any room and act as a decoration as well.

It can absorb very low but the real power of LENRD comes after 100Hz and has great absorption coefficients to 4kHz. These are pretty big bass traps and can cover most of your corners.

How To Choose A Bass Trap

Before you buy a bass trap, you should know what is a good bass trap. There are different types of bass traps with various shapes.

Some are for small corners and some are great for long corners. Also, there are differences in pricing.

Here is the list of things you should consider before you buy a bass trap for your recording studio:

  • Bass Trap Manufacturer – Always buy from well-known manufacturers. Don’t buy products from unknown or new companies. Old companies have more experience and better products.
  • Bass Trap Type – Depending on your room configuration, you need to choose the right type of bass trap. There are various shaped traps such as tubes, triangles, bevels, etc. Also, some are designed for small corners.
  • Material – A bass trap could be made from different materials. Popular materials are rock wool, fiberglass, and foam. All three work perfectly. Just avoid products made from cheap materials.
  • Bass Trap Size – And of course, depending on your room size, you need to choose the right-sized bass trap. It must fit in the corners. Just measure your corners and buy accordingly.


Bass traps are critical to any recording studio. A good bass trap is a major solution to any room that has a bad or no acoustic treatment. Only wall panels won’t do the job. So, to make your recording room professional and acoustically well-treated, you need to buy a good bass trap. Avoid the low-frequency issues and make amazing mixes and records.


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