We all know how important acoustic panels are for recording studios and acoustic treatment.

There are three types of panels you need to install in your studio and one of them are acoustic panels.

In this post, I will talk and recommend my favorite acoustic panels for home studios that do the job.

What’s The Best Acoustic Panel?

Here are some of the best acoustic panels I have used throughout the years and they offer very high and professional quality.

1. Auralex ProMax

Recording studio acoustic panel with superb quality.

  • 2’x4′
  • Semi-reflective
  • Flexible
Auralex ProMax

Auralex ProMax is a high-quality acoustic panel to improve the acoustic environment in a recording studio, and it also looks cool. Having these acoustic panels will drastically change and improve sound quality in any home or professional studio.

In my experience, the best use of ProMax panels is behind the recording workstation and in the corners. They fit perfectly in that area thanks to their design and special stands. Auralex also makes great bass traps.

2. Primacoustic Nimbus

One of the best acoustic panels for the ceiling.

  • 24″x48″
  • Inorganic glass fiber
  • High quality
Primacoustic Nimbus

Primacoustic Nimbus is a very special kind of acoustic panel because you install them on ceilings. And we all know how important ceilings are to create good sound in a recording studio.

These panels have great absorption capabilities and will have a great impact on overall sound quality. Great to be installed above the studio desk and you don’t need to cover the whole surface. Depending on the studio size, two of these might be enough.

3. ProSoCoustic Wave Room Pro

One of the best acoustic panels for home studios.

  • 24″x48″
  • Rockwool
  • Absorber and diffuser
ProSoCoustic acoustic panel

Another great option is ProSoCoustic Wave Room Pro which is both – an absorber and diffuser acoustic panel. It’s a very high-quality product with a solid build and uses rock wool for maximum effect.

If you want to use its all potential, mix this with diffuser panels on the side walls of your studio. The reason is that you need to absorb some sounds but also diffuse them.

4. ClearSonic SC2233

Acoustic panel with distinct design and configuration.

  • 22″x33″
  • Rigid fiberglass
  • NRC of 1.0
Clearsonic SC2233

ClearSonic SC2233 is an interesting acoustic panel for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s a sound absorption panel that can be used on ceilings or on walls. And the second reason is the design and construction of the panel.

The core of this acoustic panel is made from thick rigid fiberglass that helps absorption and the cover cloth is velcro receptive which adds an additional absorption layer.

5. Primacoustic Broadway

One of the best acoustic panels you can get.

  • 24″x48″
  • Absorber
  • Various styles
Primacoustic acoustic panel

Broadway is another my favorite acoustic panel from Primacosutic and like all of their products, this one has superb quality and does the job perfectly. This series includes various styles of panels but I have used the rectangular style and love it.

It’s not only good for recording studios but you can use it in any room where you want to have a good acoustic sound. They look beautiful and could be a great addition to your room interior.

6. Mybecca Delta

Cheap acoustic panel with good quality.

  • 12″x12″
  • Foam
  • Various sizes
Mybecca Delta

Mybecca Delta is perhaps the cheapest acoustic panel you can find that offers good quality. It’s perfect for beginner mixing or recording engineers who just starting their career and want to build a small home studio.

This particular acoustic panel could be good for places like vocal booths and control rooms. Also, if you are a Youtuber and want to have good sound quality, Delta acoustic panels would be a great choice.


Like diffuser panels and bass traps, acoustic panels that absorb the sound are equally important for every recording studio. And this list contains the best acoustic panels in my opinion because I have used and tested all of them and I know their strong and weak spots.

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