Reverb plugins are one of the most used tools in music production. Without reverb, you can’t create a good sound. It adds space and width to the sound.

There are different types of reverbs such as hall reverb, room reverb, algorithmic reverb, spring reverb, and more. Various reverb types are great for different instruments. Some reverb works great with drums, some with vocals, and so on.

In this list, you will find all types of best reverb plugins. You can choose more advanced, premium plugins or free plugins that offer great sound and features.

But if you are a more pedal person then you can check the best reverb pedals and use them for recording.

What’s The Best Reverb Plugin?

These top reverb plugins have amazing features and offer great usability and sound. The quality and number of options with most premium plugins are great. But free reverb plugins also offer excellent sound and different features.

1. FabFilter Pro-R

FabFilter Pro-R

FabFilter Pro-R is An amazing modern reverb VST with great features. It’s a paid plugin and it’s worth every penny. Offers a very clean sound and you can control your reverb the way you want. One of the most feature-rich plugins for reverb.

This is a digital plugin and it can be a room reverb and also a hall reverb. You can set brightness, add a chorus o your reverb, control distance, and more. And the great feature of this reverb VST plugin is that you can control the reverb effect in detail. You create bands like you do on the equalizer and boost or cut effects.

Because of the number of features, FabFilter Pro-R is an all-around reverb plugin. It can be used for drums, vocals, guitars, and any instrument you want.

2. Sonible Smart Reverb

Sonible Smart Reverb

Sonible Smart Reverb is a relatively new reverb plugin on the market and offers a modern approach to the reverb sound. It is a beautiful and modern-looking reverb VST with awesome features and capabilities that produce diverse and rich sound.

Smart Reverb offers advanced customization and you can create any kind of reverb sound you want. And I like how modern and intuitive it is to tweak and edit the sound. You can choose between natural and artificial sounds and also add richness. Also, control width, color, clarity, pre-delay, and time. Additionally, you can control decay, density, and other options visually which makes it more intuitive to use this reverb VST plugin.

This reverb VST plugin uses AI which makes it more special. You can use it on any instrument and can add depth and space to your sound.

3. Renaissance Reverb

Renaissance Reverb

Renaissance Reverb is one of the oldest reverb plugins. It’s made by Waves and they make great and industry-standard plugins. Very warm-sounding reverb that contains twelve different reverb types. Also, includes many presets from famous engineers.

It has a very interesting, old-school interface. You control reverb settings with simple faders. YOu can mix dry and wet signals and also increase the gain. It has three visual screens for damping, time response, and EQ. So, you can visually change settings and see how they impact the sound.

RenReverb is great for drums but because it includes different types of reverbs, this plugin can work with vocals and other musical instruments.

4. Vintage Verb

Vintage Verb plugin

Vintage Verb by Valhalla is a very popular and one of the best reverb plugins. It is used by professional engineers. It’s an all-in-one plugin. Perhaps it is the most feature-rich reverb plugin. But not only that, Vintage Verb sounds great.

This plugin has an intuitive and simple interface. Working with it is very easy. But the features are that sell this plugin alongside the sound. You can choose from almost all types of reverbs, change different settings, add color by choosing 70s or 80s modes, and much more.

You can be confident using Vintage Verb on any instrument you like. It will sound amazing no matter the instrument. It has everything from room reverb to cathedral reverb.

5. Raum

Raum reverb

Raum is a very interesting reverb VST from Native Instruments. It has a beautiful and futuristic interface. Everything is laid out perfectly which makes working with it easier. You can create everything from small room reverb to big, spacious effects.

First of all, you get three different types of reverbs: Grounded, Airy, and Cosmic. Each has different characters and is good for different situations. With simple knobs, you can control mix, pre-delay, size, modulation, reverb amount, etc. Another great feature of Raum is low-shelf and high-cut controls.

Raum can work with every instrument because of its features. But personally, I like it for vocals and acoustic guitars. It really adds another life to the tracks.

6. Kleverb

Kleverb reverb plugin

Kleverb is one of the best reverb plugins with a beautiful interface. The interface is amazing, has great features, and the sound is superb. This is a great plugin for anybody who needs a reliable and beautiful-sounding reverb. Has a very modern but retro design at the same time that I love.

It includes three sizes of reverb – small, medium, and large. In the center, you have damping, diffusion, spread, and decay controls. On the left, you can control the EQ. There are other controls on the right side. But the most interesting one is the ducker feature. It allows changing the settings for threshold, attack, and release. Amazing plugin for anyone.

This algorithmic reverb plugin is perfect for vocals and acoustic guitars. But it also can be used for other instruments such as drums, strings, and so on.

7. Softube TSAR-1

Softube TSAR-1

TSAR-1 from Softube is an interesting plugin. It’s one of my favorite ones. Just the look of the plugin is amazing not to mention the features. It looks like real, analog gear which is awesome. This is a true stereo algorithmic reverb plugin.

The plugin features a screen where you see all the settings you change. For a time, tone, pre-delay, density, and high cut it has simple faders. Additionally, you can choose from small, medium, and large reverb. You can set high, medium, and low diffusion. Also, you can control the reverb mix and output volume. I recommend this plugin to everyone. At least try it once.

Softube Tsar 1 is a great reverb VST plugin for anyone who needs an analog-type sound. Simple and powerful reverb for drums, however, it can be used for other instruments too.

8. Supermassive

valhalla supermassive

Supermassive by Valhalla is a huge one. It’s one of the best free reverb plugins you can find. It has so many features that you can lose it. The quality of the sound is excellent and has amazing features. This plugin is a great alternative to Vintage Verb.

The interface is easy to understand and has all the control you need for reverb. But the uniqueness of the plugin is that it’s a modulation plugin too. You can use it as a flanger, phaser, and even as a delay. Comes with tons of great presets you can start with and create your own sounds. It’s a massive plugin that combines four different sound effects.

I can say that Valhalla Supermassive is a must-have plugin for every home recording mixer. It’s free, works with every instrument, and you get four effects in one plugin.

9. Tal Reverb 4

Tal Reverb 4

Another great free reverb plugin is Tal Reverb 4. It has a simple and modern interface. Settings are controlled with knobs. It’s a plate reverb that has an 80s character. Has a big diffuse sound. Comes with presets and works with only stereo channels.

It’s divided into sections and each section has its own controls. In the first section, you have time, diffusion, and delay controls. Next, you have modulation settings. And finally low and high cut controls. Also, it has separate buttons for the dry and wet sound mix. On a small screen, you can see settings changing as you tweak them.

It’s a great plate reverb and can create spacious sounds. It can be used on any track and it makes your sound airier. Great for big sounds.

10. Oril River

Oril River vst

Oril River is a cool free reverb VST plugin with great features. It emulates small room and hall reverberation. Has a great interface and it looks like a real analog gear. Sounds absolutely amazing and offers tons of cool features.

To control reverb settings, you have many controls. Mix dry and wet signals, control pre-delay and width, and choose room size, depth, intensity, decay, and more. What I like the most is the EQ module. You can boost low, mid, and high frequencies separately. And also you can add HPF, and LPF, and cut or boost certain frequencies. It’s a 3-band EQ to control a reverb sound.

Oril River can be used for any instrument. It will work with drums, acoustic guitars, strings, and with vocals. You can create small room reverb or a bigger, cathedral reverb sound.

11. Room 041

Room 041

Room 041 is one of the greatest free reverb plugins you can get. It’s made by Analog Obsession which makes other great free plugins such as BUSTERse. It’s a plate reverb with a simple and classy design. Also, has great features.

It has default reverb settings and separates dry and wet control knobs. On the bottom section, there is a preamp section where you can tweak drive and high-pass filter settings. Also, it has a post-EQ section. It allows you to control EQ from 20Hz to 2kHZ and from 200Hz to 20kHz.

Room 041 plate reverb is a great free plugin that works with all instruments. The options it offers allow mixing engineers to control the reverb sound as they want. Also, you can check out other best Analog Obsession plugins.

12. Devil Spring Reverb

Devil Spring Reverb

Devil Spring Reverb is a free reverb plugin with a simple interface but great features and sound. Perhaps it’s one of the best free spring reverb VSTs I have ever used. This reverb VST works on Mac and Windows and comes in 32-bit and 64-bit formats.

This spring reverb plugin offers 30+ reverb impulses and three levels of complexity. The interface is very simple with just three knobs which allows you to control dark/bright tone, length, and dry/wet mix.

I have used Devil Spring Reverb in my favorite DAW Reaper and applied it on acoustic guitars. The sound was great and I think it’s now my favorite free spring reverb plugin.

13. Ambient Reverb

ambient vst plugin

Ambient Reverb by Stone Voices is an algorithmic reverb plugin. It’s a free plugin with amazing sound and features. Has a great and classy interface and it’s very easy to understand. Great reverb VST plugin for beginner mixing and recording engineers.

I love the layout of the controls. It has a 2-band parametric EQ, pre-delay knobs for left and right channels, decay with freeze option, width, and damping settings. A great meter for input and output signals. The plugin includes sixteen different presets, reverberation time goes up to a hundred seconds, and doesn’t require too much CPU power.

Ambient Reverb is a plugin that’s good for any instrument. You can use it on drums, guitars, vocals, strings, pianos, and so on.


Reverb plugins are one of the most important ones in music production. Next to EQ plugins and compressor plugins, you need to have a good reverb plugin to create great mixes. This best reverb plugins list is a great guide for choosing the best reverb VST plugin for your DAW. All of them have unique features and are high-quality products.

The best option is to have a couple of plugins like spring reverb and hall reverb. Because every plugin has its own flavor and sound. Also, there are differences in features. It’s better to have many options to choose from.

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