Home recording studio furniture is a topic that is often overlooked. Everybody talks about acoustic treatment or gear. But the desk, racks, and other accessories are as important as gear.

Having a convenient recording workstation will make recording and mixing easier. It helps you to organize your working desk and any outboard gear you own.

And because of that importance, I made a list of best-recording desks and racks. Every recording studio should have a good desk and some kind of rack to mount their analog recording gear.

Best Recording Studio Desks

The first recording studio furniture you should buy is a music production desk or workstation. There are different kinds of desks that differ by size, features, or price. After you treat your room acoustically, it’s time to think about your workstation. Here are some of the best desks you can find.

1. On Stage WS7500

On Stage WS7500

On-Stage WS7500 is a beginner-friendly studio desk for recording rooms. It’s small but has enough space to build the full workstation. WS7500 desk has three levels of the surface. On the sliding shelf, you can put a MIDI keyboard, on the desk itself there is enough space to place the keyboard, mouse, audio interface, and other gear. And the third level is for PC monitors and studio monitors. It’s the best desk for small studio rooms.

On-Stage WS7500 Dimensions:

  • Width – 43″
  • Height – 38″
  • Depth – 23.5″

2. RAB Audio LS840

RAB Audio LS840

RAB Audio LS840 desk is an affordable recording studio furniture with some cool features. It’s a great workstation for small or medium rooms. Has an outstanding quality construction. It has a keyboard tray, a desk for gear, and the third level for screen and studio monitors. And a great feature is two spaces for outboard gear. It has a built-in rack space. Each rack has a capacity of 4U. If you have analog gear, then this is a great music production desk for you.

RAB LS840 Dimensions:

  • Width – 40.5″
  • Height – 39″
  • Depth – 31″

3. Gator Frameworks EliteDesk

Gator Frameworks EliteDesk

EliteDesk by Gator Frameworks has a classic and modern look. It’s beautiful, has a compact size, and is a great desk for a home recording studio. It’s a typical three-level desk and it can hold a 49-key keyboard. It has enough space for PC accessories and recording gear like an audio interface. And on the top, you can put monitors. It also has two rack spaces. Each has a height of 4U. So, you get an 8U in total. This studio workstation is made from plywood and metal.

Gator Frameworks EliteDesk Dimensions:

  • Width – 47.2″
  • Height – 40″
  • Depth – 30″

4. Ultimate Support Nucleus Z Explorer

Ultimate Support Nucleus Z Explorer

Nucleus Z Explorer by Ultimate Support is the biggest studio desk on this list. Also, it cost a little bit more than the others. This desk is bigger and is great for medium to big recording rooms. It has enough surface space to work as a full workstation. Has two spaces for the rack. Each with 4U height. The only downside of this desk is that it has no tray for keyboards. But you can always get a cheap stand for your MIDI keyboard.

Nucleus Z Explorer Dimensions:

  • Width – 64.5″
  • Height – 40.4″
  • Depth – 28″

Best Recording Studio Racks

Another must-have recording studio furniture is a rack. You may not need it from the beginning. But as your studio grows and you buy more analog gear, you will need to place them somewhere. And studio racks are best for that. Here you will find great and affordable racks for outboard gear.

5. On Stage WSR7500

On Stage WSR7500

On-Stage WSR7500 is a small rack with 12U rack space. You can fit a good amount of rack gear. The rack is made from laminated wood and has a steel frame. It has a top surface and you can put the additional gear on it. So, this rack can be used as a small desk too. Also, WSR7500 fits well with WS7500 and it can be used as an extension to it. So, with these two pieces of furniture, a complete recording workstation could be built.

On-Stage WSR7500 Specs:

  • Width – 30″
  • Height – 30.5″
  • Depth – 23.8″
  • Rack Space – 12U

6. Hosa 11U

recording studio furniture

Hosa 11U is a tabletop studio rack. It has no surface or anything. Just a simple steel construction to hold outboard gear. It’s small and can fit in any room. As the name suggests, it has an 11U of capacity. A great thing is that it’s very light. It weighs only 75lbs. So, if you have a small room and want to have a compact rack for your gear, Hosa 11U is a great option.

Hosa 11U Specs:

  • Width – 19″
  • Height – 22″
  • Rack Space – 11U

7. Gator 8U

Gator 8U

Gator 8U studio rack is a small, square wooden box to hold gear. This is a very affordable and convenient recording studio furniture you can own. The capacity of this rack is 8U. It’s not big but will be enough for any small home recording studio. It has a simple construction and can be used as a small table too. You can put some additional gear to it. This rack is a space saver.

Gator 8U Specs:

  • Width – 20.5″
  • Height – 19″
  • Depth – 16.5″
  • Rack Space – 8U

8. Middle Atlantic RK20

Middle Atlantic RK20

Middle Atlantic RK20 could be the best solution for most home recording studios. It’s affordable and has a big capacity. Its rack space is 20U. So, you can put all your gear in one box. Also, it has a compact size and is tall. So, it won’t take too much space. RK20 can hold up to 200lbs of weight. Also, the RK series include smaller or bigger versions too. You can choose depending on your needs.

Middle Atlantic RK20 Specs:

  • Width – 20.4″
  • Height – 36.48″
  • Depth – 15.91″
  • Rack Space – 20U

9. LM Cases 2U

LM Cases 2U

LM Cases 2U is the smallest rack on this list. And this is for those who have a small recording room or a couple of rack gear. It’s made from birth and has a clear lacquer finish. Nothing special but its purpose is simple. So, if you need a small studio rack, this is for you. It’s very affordable and you can buy more if you like it. LM Cases also offer bigger racks. This series has rear rack rails too.

LM Cases 2U Specs:

  • Width – 20.25″
  • Height – 5.5″
  • Depth – 12″
  • Rack Space – 2U


There are lots of essentials for recording studios. But recording studio furniture is one of the most important. Especially, workstations or music production desks. Depending on your studio room, you can buy the right size desk. There are lots of them. After you decide which to buy, then you can add a studio rack to complete the studio furniture.

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