We all know how unpleasant can it be to have 60 cycle hum in your sound during recording or mixing.

Fortunately, there are a couple of great 60 cycle hum eliminator plugins that can remove it from any track.

Also, there are other methods to eliminate 60 cycle hum but specific plugins are much more precise.

What’s The Best 60 Cycle Hum Eliminator?

Here I will list some of the best 60 cycle hum eliminator plugins that I have tried and know that they work.

1. MR Hum 6

mr hum 6 vst

My favorite plugin for removing 60 cycle hum is MR Hum 6 from Wave Arts because it offers more than just hum elimination. This plugin combines hum and buzz removal, filtering, and spectrum analysis which allows to do surgical editing of the sound. So, if you want multiple features in one plugin, this is one of the best options at an affordable price.

2. X Hum

hum eliminator

Waves X Hum is another powerful VST that offers options such as 50/60Hz hum removal, DC offset, and low-frequency cleanup. With this plugin, you get a high pass filter, eight notch filters, and removing DC offset. Not only great for hum elimination but for cleaning up your bass or kick drum rumble.

3. Brusfri

klevgr brusfri

Brusfri is a noise reducer plugin and I can help you to find and remove 60 cycle hum. It’s great for improving noisy audio recordings without losing sound quality. Brusfri doesn’t tamper with the audio phasing to reduce noise, instead, it uses multiple well-adjusted gates to silence unwanted noise.

4. RX 10 De-Hum

izotope de hum

RX 10 De-Hum from iZotope is an amazing VST plugin with awesome features and quality. De-Hum is a tool that quickly gets rid of unwanted noise, like humming, buzzing, or interference. It does this without affecting the overall audio quality. You can remove things like radio or transmitter interference, humming from cameras or generators, and other similar noises.


So, if you want to completely remove 60 cycle hum from guitars or other sound sources, you can use any of these VSTs and make any track clean and free from unwanted noise.

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