Home recording is not possible without USB audio interfaces. This is a must-have device for everyone who wants to start their home studio.

It’s the first thing you need to buy when you build a studio at home. It allows you to record analog or MIDI instruments.

There are hundreds of different audio interfaces on the market. On this list, you will find the best of them in different price ranges.

What’s The Best Audio Interface?

I have collected the list of best audio interfaces for home studios that offer great features and sound awesome. Learn more about them from my audio interface guide.

1. Audient iD44

Versatile and professional-sounding audio interface with unlimited features.

  • Built-in mic preamps
  • 24-bit recording
  • DSP mixer
Audient iD44

Audient iD44 is a premium quality, high-performance audio interface. It has 20 inputs and 24 outputs, Talkback, Dim, and Cut controls, and offers very low latency for better recording. Has metal construction, is a very well-built device, and has high-quality, 24-bit, and 96kHz converters.

You can use Audient iD44 as a mic pre too because it includes four mic preamps with 60dB of gain and you can record high-quality instruments and vocal sounds. This audio interface has XLR and headphone inputs, works with USB 2.0, and supports both – Windows and iOS. Perhaps it’s the best audio interface for under $1000.

2. Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre

Awesome and powerful audio interface from Focusrite with multiple I/O.

  • Built-in mic preamps
  • Control software included
  • Phantom power
Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre

Focusrite Clarett is one of the most famous USB audio interfaces among musicians who record at their homes. This is a high-quality device with great features and sound quality. Focusrite Clarett comes with control software and several cool plugins.

Because this USB audio interface has multiple inputs and outputs, you can record several instruments simultaneously. This is great if you plan to record bands or use the device in live situations. Pair it with the best home studio monitors and you will be able to create amazing-sounding songs.

3. Steinberg UR-RT4

Professional USB audio interface with RupertNeve transformers.

  • Zero latency monitoring
  • 24-bit recording
  • Includes VST plugins
Steinberg UR-RT4

Steinberg UR-RT4 is another great audio interface you can get for under $1000. It offers Class A preamps and includes Neve transformers. It gives you rich sounds with enhanced harmonics. This device has zero-latency monitoring and also comes with a guitar amp and several effects plugins.

On the front, you have four mic and line inputs, peak and phantom power indicators, headphone outputs, controls for gain, headphones, and output. Steinberg UR-RT4 is also great for live performances because it includes a loopback function. A great device for high-quality music recording at home.

4. Roland UA-1010

Great recording device from Roland with unique features and multiple I/O.

  • VS mic preamps
  • Free DAW included
  • LED screen
Roland UA-1010

Roland is a well-known brand in the music industry because they make high-quality products and the Roland Octa-Capture interface is one of them. It has many great features and makes music recording a great experience. You have instrument and line inputs, phantom power, an LED screen for convenience, and many more features.

In total, it has ten inputs and ten outputs and supports 24-bit/192kHz audio recording. Has a mic preamp for better recording, very low-latency recording, and comes with Ableton Live Lite. UA-1010 works with all the major DAWs and supports Windows and Mac.

5. PreSonus Studio 1824c

Amazing audio interface for recording multiple instruments at the same time.

  • 18 inputs and outputs
  • Free DAW and plugins
  • Mic preamp
PreSonus Studio 1824c

PreSonus makes great USB audio interfaces. Studio 1824c is perhaps the best you can get in this price range. It has eighteen inputs and outputs, input control meters, phantom power, a mono switch, and various controls on the front panel. On the back panel, you get all the necessary inputs or outputs like mic, instrument, balanced, MIDI, etc.

PreSonus Studio 1824c offers amazing sound quality and features. It includes PreSonus Studio One Artist DAW. It offers unlimited tracks and all the things you need to start recording music at home. Other than that, it includes other great plugins, wireless interface control for Windows, Mac, and Android, and of course, supports 24-bit/192kHz audio recording.

6. Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

Best mid-range audio interface with awesome features and affordable price tag.

  • Built-in mic preamps
  • Low latency monitoring
  • Free DAW and plugins
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 is a solid solution for home recording studios. This is a great example of a good combination of price and features. You get amazing features and options package at an affordable price. It has a 24-bit/192kHz converter, eighteen ins, eight outs, four analog outputs, and more.

Mic and instrument inputs are available on the front panel. There is also a headphone output, a phantom power switch, and a big monitor knob. Has low latency for better monitoring and mic preamps. It also comes with free DAW and various plugins.

7. Universal Audio Volt 476

A very powerful and feature-packed audio interface with a built-in FET compressor.

  • Built-in compressor
  • Mic preamps
  • Phantom power
volt 476

Volt 476 by Universal Audio is one of the best audio interfaces with superb features and recording capabilities. This is a USB-C type audio interface with a vintage design and is great for mid-budget home recording studios. And the thing I love the most is that it has a built-in FET compressor which sounds awesome and is a great feature to have.

On the front panel, it has two inputs, headphone output, and volume control while on the back you have MIDI in and out and other necessary I/O. On the top, you can see input and output levels, tweak gain level, switch to mono, and other good stuff. Volt 476 is a real analog audio interface for those who love analog sound.

8. PreSonus Studio 1810c

Professional recording gear from PreSonus with 18 inputs and 8 outputs.

  • Built-in mic preamp
  • Studio One Artist DAW
  • Free plugins
PreSonus Studio 1810c

PreSonus Studio 1810c is a great affordable alternative to its big brother 1824c. It has all the great features you need. Includes XMAX preamps, various I/O, monitor mixer, free DAW from PreSonus, and several free plugins. Of course, it includes a phantom power to use a condenser microphone.

Studio 1810c is one of the best USB audio interfaces for home studios. It has great sound quality and low latency, works with Windows and Mac, and comes with great free bundles. Also, the build quality of the device is superb.

9. Tascam 102i

Small and affordable 2-channel USB audio interface with phantom power and 2 headphones out.

  • DSP effects
  • 24-bit recording
  • MIDI interface
Tascam 102i

Tascam 102i is a small yet powerful device for music recording. With it, you can create high-quality tracks at your home studio. This device offers ten inputs and two outputs, phantom power, headphone outputs, optical inputs, DSP effects, and more. Built quality is very high. It’s a solid device.

On the front panel, you have mic and instrument inputs with the gain control knob, peak indicators, monitor knob, and headphone outputs. And the back panel has USB and DC ins, MIDI ins and outs, balanced outputs, and optical in. Tascam 102i is a great choice for home studios.

10. Steinberg UR44C

Amazing USB 3.0 audio interface that is perfect for the mid-budget home recording studio.

  • Built-in mic preamps
  • Cubase AI DAW
  • 32-bit audio converter
Steinberg UR44C

Another great audio interface in this price range is Steinberg UR44C. It supports USB 3.0 and has six ins and four outs. It supports 32-bit/192kHz audio recording and has four XLR inputs, a mic, and instrument inputs along with MIDI I/O. UR44C is compatible with Windows and Mac.

The front panel includes inputs, peak indicators, gain controls, and an output rotating knob. Other than great features and I/O, it has low latency monitoring, Class A microphone preamps, dual headphone monitoring capabilities, and includes free Cubase AI software.

11. Zoom UAC-2

Great gear for recording music at your home without spending a lot of money.

  • Delay and reverb effects
  • Direct monitoring
  • Phantom power
Zoom UAC-2

Zoom UAC-2 doesn’t offer many ins and outs but has some awesome features. This is a great home studio audio interface you can buy for under $500. Like UR44C, it has USB 3.0 support. Has two instrument and mic inputs, MIDI I/O, and headphone output, and includes effects. Also, you can use condenser microphones and you can control output gain.

UAC-2 has great sound quality, low latency monitoring, LED meters for level control, and you can use delay and reverb on inputs and outputs. This is a great audio interface for people who are on a budget.

12. PreSonus AudioBox USB 96

Budget audio interface with professional sound quality and awesome features.

  • Phantom power
  • Studio One Artist DAW
  • Low latency monitoring
PreSonus AudioBox USB 96

One of the best audio interfaces you can get for under $100 is AudioBox USB 96 from PreSonus. You get amazing features in a small box. Not many interfaces offer these kinds of features and options in this price range. PreSonus makes great devices for music recording.

AudioBox USB 96 is a two-channel audio interface that can record 24-bit/96kHz audio. Has mic and instrument inputs and phantom power allows to use of condenser mics. On the front panel, you have different control knobs for input levels, mix, gain, etc. The package includes free DAW and plugins.

13. Behringer UMC202HD

Very affordable USB audio interface from Behringer that is great for low-budget home studios.

  • Free DAW and effects
  • 24-bit recording
  • Phantom power
Behringer UMC202HD

Behringer UMC202HD is another great affordable audio interface. It’s the smallest member of the U-Phoria series and has great features and a low price. It’s a two-channel device and is powered by USB 2.0. You can record vocals or instruments with it.

It has phantom power, gain controls for each input, direct monitoring option, headphone output, and more awesome features. UMC202HD includes Tracktion DAW and various downloadable plugins.

14. M-Audio M Track Solo

A great affordable audio interface for beginner and aspiring recording engineers.

  • Phantom power
  • Mic preamp
  • Free DAW
M-Audio M Track Solo

And the best and cheapest USB audio interface you can find is M-Track Solo by M-Audio. A very high-quality product with all the features you need to start recording music at home. Perhaps it’s the best interface for beginner engineers. Small box with great features and solid build quality.

What you get with M-Track Solo are instrument and mic inputs, phantom power, headphone output, and control knobs. It includes Pro Tools First and MPC Beats out of the box. Also, you can choose between USB or direct monitoring output. Works with USB 2.0 and can record 16-bit/48Hz audio.


Recording at home is very easy with USB audio interfaces because you get all the options you need in one box. You can choose between different interfaces that differ by options and price. If you are a beginner recording engineer, you can buy an affordable interface to learn how it works.

For more advanced musicians, there are more expensive and feature-rich devices. But all the interfaces on this list are great for home recording and you can feel free to choose any of them depending on your budget.


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