Choosing the right gear for your home recording studio can be a challenging task. And to make it easier you should use home recording studio kits.

A home recording studio kit is a collection of essential gear for music recording and mixing. Every recording package includes different gear. They are great for beginners, professionals, and singer-songwriters.

But the best thing is that everybody can buy a home recording studio package. It’s easier to build up a studio and also costs less.

What’s The Best Home Recording Studio Kit?

I’ve chosen the best home recording studio bundles I could find. Each collection offers various essential studio gear and I’m sure you will find the right one for you.

1. Shure SM7B And Apollo Solo

One of the best home recording studio packages for a home studio.

  • UA Apollo
  • Shure SM7B
  • Shure SRH440A
Shure SM7B And Apollo Solo

Shure and Apollo offer very high-quality recording gear. You can start recording immediately. It includes all the must-have recording gear for every home studio. Although it has an expensive price tag, it’s worth buying because you get great quality.

With this recording bundle, you get an amazing audio interface, one of the best recording microphones – Shure SM7B, and great studio headphones. The bundle also includes high-quality plugins and a mic cable. A great recording kit to start recording and mixing with awesome gear and plugins.

2. PreSonus AudioBox Package

A home recording studio bundle with all the necessary gear.

  • AudioBox USB 96
  • PreSonus M7
  • Studio One 3 Artist
PreSonus AudioBox Package

PreSonus Recording Package is a great home recording studio bundle for EDM music creators and producers. However, you can use it to record other music genres too. But I think it’s the best for electronic music. And this is a full recording package with a USB audio interface, microphone, headphones, etc.

It comes with a great MIDI pad controller – PreSonus Atom. Every gear is from PreSonus such as HD7 headphones, an M7 microphone, Eris 3.5 studio monitors, and Studio One 3 Artist DAW. Also, it includes cables and other accessories like a microphone stand and mic pop filter. This is a great complete home recording kit.

3. MOTU M2 And sE2300

One of the best home recording studio kits for advanced mixers.

  • MOTU M2
  • sE2300 Microphone
  • Sennheiser HD280 Pro
MOTU M2 And sE2300

MOTU and sE2300 are high-quality recording gear. Although this collection doesn’t include much gear, this will work for most studios. The recording equipment you get is amazing and offers amazing quality. You can record high-quality songs with this package.

This home recording studio package includes a MOTU M2 audio interface, a sE2300 microphone, and studio headphones. Also, you get accessories like a mic stand, cables, and a mic pop filter. This is all you need to start recording. You can use any DAW or plugins with it. A great recording bundle for singer-songwriters.

4. Novation Recording Bundle

Home recording bundle with a controller and free DAW.

  • Novation Launch Control XL
  • Lyx Pro Mic
  • Ableton Live Lite 9
Novation Recording Bundle

Novation Recording Bundle is one of my favorite recording gear collections. This is a mini recording studio in one package. It includes everything you need to start recording instruments and vocals. One of the best things is that it includes Novation Launch Control XL for Ableton.

Additionally Novation home recording studio kit includes a microphone, headphones, mic pop filter, accessories, and Ableton Live Lite 9. I think this recording kit is the best for recording electronic music because of the Ableton. It’s the best DAW for EDM. But you can record any genre of music with this recording bundle.

5. Focusrite Scarlett Package

All you need to start recording in your home studio.

  • Scarlett 2i2
  • Pro Tools First
  • Lyx Pro Mic
Focusrite Scarlett Package

Focusrite Recording Package is known for amazing USB audio interfaces. But they also offer home recording studio bundles. And this bundle is huge with a great recording equipment collection. The only gear I don’t like in this package is the studio headphones but for most studios, it’s enough.

You get all the accessories you need for recording like cables, pop filters, a mic stand, etc. But the main equipment consists of Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, Lyx Pro microphone, studio headphones, free DAW, and a cool plugin collection. At the same time, you get high-quality recording equipment and you pay less.

6. Audient EVO Recording Bundle

An advanced recording gear with a free digital audio workstation.

  • Audient EVO 4
  • SR1 Microphone
  • SR2000 Headphones
Audient EVO Recording Bundle

Audient EVO Recording Kit is a minimalistic home recording studio kit. It consists of an audio interface, headphones, and a microphone. But it offers very high quality and ease of use. I owned this package and I can say that it’s one of the best ways to start home recording. Also, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

The bundle consists of three Audient EVO products – EVO microphone, EVO headphones, and EVO audio interface. The sound, design, and overall quality are amazing. Additionally, it includes DAWs such as Cubasis, Cubase, and other recording software and plugins. I recommend this recording equipment collection for beginner engineers.

7. Mackie Onyx Artist Kit

The best home recording studio package for beginners.

  • Mackie Onyx Audio Interface
  • Waveform DAW
  • PreSonus Eris 3.5
Mackie Onyx Artist Kit

Mackie Onyx Recording Kit is perhaps the most affordable home recording studio package you can find. But a low price doesn’t mean bad quality. It’s a very high-quality collection of music recording gear and it’s a full package with all the necessary equipment and software.

First of all, I love that it comes with Waveform DAW. It’s an amazing software for music recording and mixing. Next, you get a USB audio interface, microphone, headphones, studio monitors, and different accessories. You can immediately start recording and mixing. A great recording kit for singer-songwriters.


A home recording studio kit is a great solution if you want to quickly build a studio and start recording or mixing. They offer great quality, including all the essential recording equipment, and cost much less than buying gear separately. Every recording gear collection offers a different configuration. So, whether you create EDM, rock, or pop music, you will find the best bundle for you.

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