If you are searching for drums for your home recording studio, you’ve come to the right place. In this list, you will find the best drum sets.

Although recording with VST drums is convenient, nothing is better when a real drummer plays a real drum. It has the feel and human touch. So, having a real drum in your home studio is a great thing.

This post consists of two lists – the best acoustic drums and the best electronic drums. Either type of drum will work. For bigger rooms, I recommend acoustic drums. But if you have a small space, then an electronic drum will be a good choice.

Best Acoustic Drum Sets

Acoustic drums are the best way to record drums. There are great and affordable drums you can buy. Also, you don’t need a big drum set. Even 3-piece drums will do the job. The best option is to have a 5-piece drum set.

1. Pearl Decade

Pearl DMP943XP

Pearl Decade is a very popular drum set among drummers. This particular model is DMP943XP and it’s a 3-piece drum set. Decade series are made from maple and have great sound. A great drum set for home recording. Because of the size, most of the home recording studio rooms will be enough. You need to buy a separate snare for this set. This drum set is great for recording, practicing, and even for live shows. The build quality is superb. And it comes with a tom holder and stands adapter.

Pearl Decade Specs:

  • Type: 3-Piece
  • Material: Maple
  • Configuration: Shell Pack
  • Toms: 9″ x 13″
  • Floor Toms: 16″ x 16″
  • Bass Drums: 14″ x 24″

2. Tama IE52C

Tama IE52C

Tama IE52C from the Imperialstar series is 5 piece, a professional drum kit. It’s an upgrade from the previous drum set. It’s made from poplar and comes with snare and cymbals. So, you get a full package. It just needs to be set up and is ready to record. The sound of Tama drums is phenomenal and it will be an amazing addition to your home studio. If you are looking for a professional drum set then this is for you.

Tama IE52C Specs:

  • Type: 5-Piece
  • Material: Poplar
  • Configuration: Full Drum Set
  • Snare: 5″ x 14″
  • Toms: 7″ x 10″, 8′ x 12″
  • Floor Toms: 15″ x 16″
  • Bass Drums: 16″ x 22″
  • Hi-Hat: 14″
  • Crash: 16″
  • Ride: 20″

3. PDP NewYorker

PDP NewYorker

PDP New Yorker offers great sound and builds quality at affordable prices. This drum set is a great instrument for recording. It’s a 4-piece drum set that has everything you need. The things you need to buy are hardware, a bass drum pedal, and cymbals. The set is small in size and will fit most home recording rooms. Comes with tom holders. If you are on a budget and need a good drum set, the New Yorker series from PDP is a great solution. Great drums for apartments.

PDP New Yorker Specs:

  • Type: 4-Piece
  • Material: Poplar
  • Configuration: Shell Pack With Snare
  • Snare: 5″ x 14″
  • Toms: 8″ x 10″
  • Floor Toms: 12″ x 13″
  • Bass Drums: 14″ x 16″

4. Ashthorpe Beginner

Ashthorpe 5-piece drums

Ashthorpe Beginner drum set with brass cymbals is an affordable solution for home studio owners. It’s cheap but has a great build and sound quality. This particular model is a 5-piece drum set. Even if it’s for beginners, it will work as a recording drum. Also, can be used for rehearsals. Made from poplar it has a rich sound. Also, comes in different finishes such as black, blue, green, orange, etc. An amazing drum set for drummers who are on a budget. One of the best acoustic drum sets for beginners.

Ashthorpe Beginner Specs:

  • Type: 5-Piece
  • Material: Poplar
  • Configuration: Full Drum Set
  • Snare: 5″ x 10″
  • Toms: 6″ x 8″, 6″ x 10″
  • Floor Toms: 10″ x 12″
  • Bass Drums: 11″ x 16″
  • Hi-Hat: 8″
  • Crash: 10″
  • Ride: 10″

5. Ludwig Questlove Pocket

Ludwig Questlove Pocket

Ludwig Questlove Pocket is also a beginner’s instrument but it will work perfectly in home recording situations. It will be a great instrument for creating demo songs. It’s small, affordable, and sounds great. Comes with a snare and cymbals. I honestly recommend this 4-piece drum set especially if you are on a tight budget. Also, it will be a great instrument for practicing. A great thing is that you get everything you will need, even pedals. So, why don’t buy it?

Ludwig Questlove Pocket Specs:

  • Type: 4-Piece
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Configuration: Full Drum Set
  • Snare: 5″ x 12″
  • Toms: 6″ x 10″
  • Floor Toms: 10″ x 13″
  • Bass Drums: 12″ x 16″

Best Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic drums are an alternative way to record drums. Although it won’t have the same feel and sound as real drums have, it will still work. And it will sound better and more real than programmed drums. Also, you can add gadgets such as pads and create awkward and interesting sounds.

6. Alesis Command Mesh

Alesis Command Mesh

Alesis Command Mesh is an ultimate choice for home recording. This electronic drum set has everything you need to record awesome drum parts. It’s a full drum set with drum and cymbal pads. And the great thing is the module which is one of the best drum modules I have used. And it comes with awesome features. It offers a huge amount of sounds and drum kits, and you can import your drum samples too. Great for recording and practicing.

Alesis Command Mesh Specs:

  • Type: 5-Piece
  • Drum Pads: 5
  • Cymbal Pads: 3
  • Module: Command Drum Module
  • Hardware: Kick Pedal, Hi-Hat Pedal, Chrome Rack

7. Yamaha DTX452K

Yamaha DTX452K

Yamaha DTX452K is an amazing electronic drum set for a home recording studio. It’s a feature-packed instrument with amazing sounds. DTX series comes with all the essential hardware. This is a 5-piece drum set and has great pads that feel real. DTX 402 drum module includes 10 drum kits, 280+ drum voices, and 120+ keyboard voices. Also, comes with different reverb effects. This Yamaha is one of the best electronic drum kits for recording.

Yamaha DTX452K Specs:

  • Type: 5-Piece
  • Drum Pads: 5
  • Cymbal Pads: 3
  • Module: DTX 402
  • Hardware: Kick Pedal, Hi-Hat Pedal, Rack Stand

8. Roland TD-1K

Roland TD-1K

Roland TD-1K is a member of the V-Drums series. It’s a professional electronic drum and it is great for recording. It’s quite affordable and most home studio owners can afford it. The size of TD-1K is compact and will fit in any room. The module includes 15 different drums and has analog inputs and outputs. Comes with pedals and all necessary accessories. V-Drums cymbals have advanced expressiveness. It’s a highly recommended drum set.

Roland TD-1K Specs:

  • Type: 5-Piece
  • Drum Pads: 4
  • Cymbal Pads: 3
  • Module: Roland
  • Hardware: Kick Pedal, Hi-Hat Pedal

9. Behringer XD80USB

Behringer XD80USB

Behringer XD80USB is the most affordable electronic drum set on this list. And like any other Behringer product, it has good quality. It’s a 5-piece drum with great sound and features. Playing and recording are very easy with XD80USB. The drum module includes a huge collection of sounds and presets. Also, you can add 5 custom presets. A wonderful and affordable electronic drum for home recording.

Behringer XD80USB Specs:

  • Type: 5-Piece
  • Drum Pads: 5
  • Cymbal Pads: 3
  • Module: HDS240USB
  • Hardware: Kick Pedal, Hi-Hat Pedal, Rack

Acoustic Drums vs Electronic Drums

There is debate about which type of drums to use for recording. But the truth is that it depends on several factors. It doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. But both types have some pros and cons.

Depending on the situation you might prefer electronic drums over acoustic drums. And if you can’t decide, here I am to help you.

When To Use Acoustic Drums

You should use acoustic drums for recording if money isn’t an issue for you. Because acoustic drums tend to cost more. Also, use them if you have enough space in your room. Because acoustic drums take up more space.

But the most important thing is the room itself. The big room is great but acoustic treatment is more important. Because acoustic drums need a properly treated room to sound good.

So, if you have money, space in your room, and an acoustically treated room, then you should use acoustic drums in your home studio.

When To Use Electronic Drums

On the other hand, you should use electronic drums if you are on a budget or have a small room. Because electronic drums tend to cost less and are small in size. Also, electronic drums don’t need room treatment.

Another benefit of electronic drums is the sounds and presets. Good electronic drums like in this list come with drum modules that offer effects, drum sounds, and presets. So, it might be a better choice for you.

Also, because of their features and convenience, electronic drums are a great option for practice purposes.


As you can see you have different options to record drums. If you want to experience real drum sound, buy an acoustic drum set. But if you are on a budget and have a small room, an electronic drum set is a better choice. In both cases, you will get a better result than with programmed drums. VST drums are great for demo purposes but for an awesome drum experience, always use real drums.

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