To have an acoustically treated recording room, you need to install diffuser panels. Like absorption panels and bass traps, diffusers are very important for a great recording environment.

Diffusers work a little differently than absorbers. They absorb little but scatter most of the sound. The combination of the diffuser and absorber panels makes the room better for recording.

There are different kinds of diffusers. Some of them work as absorption. But it’s important to know how to use a diffuser before you buy.

What’s The Best Diffuser Panel?

These acoustic diffusion panels have great quality and they do an excellent job to make the recording and mixing process better. You will find different-sized and priced panels and choose which is the best for you.

1. FlexiFuser

One of the best diffusion panels for recording studios.

  • 24″x48″
  • Diffuser/absorber
acoustic diffuser

FlexiFuser is an awesome and classy-looking diffuser panel. Made by PrimAcoustic, this panel will be a great addition to your sound treatment. It’s a combination of an absorber and a diffuser. So, it absorbs some sound and scatters the sound too. It will eliminate echo and standing waves. A great diffuser with awesome features and flexibility.

FlexiFuser is a 24″x48″ panel. Has a great absorption coefficient of under 250Hz thanks to the built-in panel. But the best feature is this panel is the flexibility. It comes with six movable slats and you can change the direction. So, the scattering of the sound can be manipulated by you. The absorption and flexibility make this a great diffuser for home recording or theater studios.

2. Addictive Sound 2D QRD

Amazing panel for sound diffusion for studios.

  • 20″x20″
  • Diffuser
Addictive Sound 2D QRD

Addictive Sound 2D QRD is a cool acoustic diffuser panel that does its job perfectly. Also, it’s a beautiful-looking panel and its irregular surface offers unique sound diffusing. The unique pattern of wooden pegs gives it a character. This panel is a great solution for every room that needs sound treatment. This panel is different from other acoustic panels and the results are great.

The frequency range where 2D QRD shines is from 921Hz to 2457Hz. The small size makes it easy to hang on your walls or ceiling. It’s a 20″x20″ panel and weighs just 8.8 lbs. Has a thickness of 3.15″ which makes it a better panel for sound diffusion. The price is very reasonable and every home studio owner can afford it.

3. MetroFusor

Amazing and professional studio diffuser panel.

  • 24″x48″
  • Diffuser/absorber

MetroFusor sound diffuser panels are affordable and high-quality products. They are small, light, and can fit any wall or ceiling. This panel makes the room very comfortable for listening, recording, and mixing. It can scatter early midrange frequencies very well. Also, these are very thin panels. The design is very modern and will be a great interior addition to your studio.

MetroFusor panels can separate musical instruments and you can hear everything perfectly. The surface has an irregular pattern with long lines. This creates a diverse scattering effect. It greatly retains high frequencies and the sound is more natural. Comes with adhesive material to easily hang the panel on walls.

4. Gotham N23

An awesome diffuser panel for your home studio.

  • 17.5″ x 17.5″
  • Diffuser
Gotham N23 panel

Gotham N23 is a unique-looking diffuser panel that stands out. It’s a little expensive but does the job excellently well. This awesome panel is a two-dimensional, Quadratic diffuser. N23 can really diffuse the sound but in a good and natural way. The high frequencies are retained. Creates a natural sound environment which makes mixing and recording a better experience.

This particular panel can diffuse frequencies from 1250Hz to 9500Hz and scatter down to 650Hz. As you can see it covers a wide range. But this is a heavy panel that weighs about 20 lbs. The unique shape, scientific measurement, and other features make it one of the best diffuser panels for a recording studio.

5. BXI Quadratic

Minimalist and powerful diffuser panel.

  • Built-in mic preamps
  • 24-bit recording
  • DSP mixer
BXI Quadratic diffusor panel

BXI Quadratic is a simple and minimalistic sound panel for sound diffusion. Has wood cutouts on the surface and which helps it to diffuse the sound waves. This design helps the panel to scatter sound in different directions. The broadband diffuseness of the BXI panel is from 544Hz to 24kHz. That’s a lot of frequencies. This is a great panel for recording studios or home theaters.

The panel size is 24″x24″ and it has almost 3″ thickness. The reason why it scatters sound so well is that cutouts are not the same. Some of them are deeper. So, it makes the sound go in all directions. Also, it is a beautiful wooden panel and it will fit every room. Great design and diffusion abilities.

6. UA Acoustics Skyline

One of the best panels for sound diffusion.

  • 20″x20″
  • Diffuser
UA Acoustics Skyline

This UA Acoustics Skyline sound diffuser panel is a beautiful one. It stands out for its design and it helps to achieve the best results. The panel is built with small square-shaped wooden parts. It has an irregular surface and diffusion and scattering are no problem for this panel. Also, it has a great and affordable price. the Skyline panel is made from pine trees.

The size of this panel is 20″x20″ and the thickness ranges from 1.4″ to 8.3″. Skyline panels can scatter frequencies from 625Hz to 4.3kHz. Not only that, but it can also absorb sound waves. So, it can do three things – absorption, diffusion, and scattering. The panel by UA Acoustics is an affordable one that will make your recording room better for music production.

Where To Place Diffuser Panels?

Diffusers must be placed where the sound reflection happens. And the best place to hang the diffuser panel is the back wall and the ceiling area where you sit. Never place diffusers behind the working desk.

The wall behind the desk, walls on the sides, and other parts of the ceiling should be covered with absorption panels. The corners should be filled with bass traps to avoid low-frequency accumulation.

It’s very important to have the recording room acoustically treated to record and mix in a good environment. And the combination of absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps helps you with that.


Acoustic diffuser panels are very important for every recording studio. They absorb little but mostly scatter the sound waves to create a natural environment. If you don’t have diffusers in your recording room and rely only on absorbers and bass traps, you will have a dead sound. Always try to hang diffusers in your room to make your room more natural.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that you need to install diffuser panels in order to have an acoustically treated recording room. This will help to ensure that there are no incoming sounds that will cause a disturbance. I would like to think if a company is working on room acoustics, it should find a reliable professional who can help with it.

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