If you want to record professional-quality sound with microphones, you need high-quality XLR cables.

Having good-quality XLR cables is critical for every studio because it guarantees sound quality.

And when choosing an XLR cable, always go for the best quality and don’t save money on them.

What’s The Best XLR Cable?

I have used many different cables from various brands throughout the years and here are the best XLR cables to use with microphones.

1. Monster Prolink Performer 600

High-quality XLR cables with great sound.

  • XLR to XLR
  • Balanced
  • Multiple lengths
monster xlr cable

Monster Prolink Performer 600 is a very reliable and high-quality XLR cable. The Duraflex jacket is designed to protect and stay flexible, while the 95% copper braided shield effectively blocks out noise and interference. It’s an XLR to XLR cable for studio mics and you can get it in various lengths.

2. Mogami Gold Studio

One of the best XLR cables for recording studios.

  • XLR to XLR
  • Balanced
  • 24 AWG
mogami cables

When you record or perform live, you require cables that can effectively capture the true power of your sound source and that’s exactly what you get with Mogami Gold. It’s wired with Neglex Studio Quad and one of my favorite thing about this cable is the clarity.

3. Evolution Pro Co

One of the best XLR mic cables you can get.

  • XLR to XLR
  • Balanced
  • Multiple lengths
evolution xlr cables

If you’re looking for cables to connect your live setup or for intricate studio setups, Evolution Pro Co has got you covered. They use top-quality materials and reliable manufacturing methods to ensure you get trustworthy cables. It protects your sound from the buzz, hum, or dropouts. Just plug it in your mic preamp and start recording.

4. Whirlwind MK4100

Affordable and high-quality mic cables.

  • XLR to XLR
  • Balanced
  • 22 AWG
whirlwind mk4100

Whirlwind MK4100 is an XLR cable that combines durability and user-friendly flexibility. It is constructed with Accusonic+2 cable, featuring finely stranded center conductors and braided shielding. All of these features protect against interference and produce studio-quality sound.

5. Hosa CMK-100AU

This XLR cable offers quality and a great price.

  • XLR to XLR
  • Balanced
  • 20 AWG
hosa mic cable

Hosa CMK-100AU is one of the best XLR cables I have ever used. These cables come with two Neutrik connectors and a 95% OFC braid, ensuring dependable audio during numerous performance sessions. Similarly, it uses a 20 AWG oxygen-free copper conductor and low-capacitance wire to ensure a clear and genuine audio output in recording and stage situations.

6. Warm Audio Premier Gold

One of the best XLR cables for microphones.

  • XLR to XLR
  • Balanced
  • 23 AWG
warm audio microphone cables

Warm Audio Premier Gold is an excellent XLR cable for recording or on-stage use. Its features – gold-plated connectors, StarQuad construction with five wire cores, and the Double-Reussen shielding technique – give you a guarantee of high quality and clear sound.


So, this is my list of the best XLR cables that you should own if you have a home recording studio. They offer great quality, sound, and a very affordable price. Choose any mic cable from this list and record professional-sounding tracks.

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