A music production book might be a great learning source for you than Youtube or music blogs.

With a book, you will learn everything from start to finish and you will avoid constant searching for online tutorials.

Also, books about music production might be cheaper than an online course or advanced tutorial.

What’s The Best Music Production Book?

Here I’m listing my favorite music production books I have read throughout the years and learned a lot and hope you will find them helpful too.

1. Home Studio Recording

Amazing book for home recording studio owners.

  • Building home studio
  • Recording gear
  • Recording & production
home recording book

Home Studio Recording – The Complete Guide is perfect for home studio owners and for those who want to learn more about recording music at home. It’s written by famous producer Warren Huart who also has a great Youtube channel. It’s written in simple language and is perfect for easily understanding the production concepts.

This book covers a lot from setting up the studio to song mastering. You will learn about the gear you need for your studio, how to make it acoustically clean, and how to record, mix, and master songs. But it goes into deep details such as plugins, how to use effects and much more.

2. Modern Recording Techniques

One of the best music production books of all time.

  • Music Production
  • Mixing & mastering
  • Acoustic treatment
modern recording book

Modern Recording Techniques is one of the oldest books about recording but it works perfectly for modern standards. It includes 500+ pages and is very easy to read and covers every step of music production at a professional level.

You will learn about the recording studio environment, music business, music career, room acoustic treatment, recording gear, and so on. This is a huge book full of useful information from professionals and it even touches digital and analog recording methods.

3. Music Habits

Best book for EDM music producers and mixers.

  • Creating music
  • Career tips
  • Working habits
edm production book

Music Habits – The Mental Game Of Electronic Music Production is a perfect book if you are a DJ or want to become an EDM producer. It’s full of great information about various recording and production subjects and techniques. Although it is a small book, you will learn a lot from it.

However, it’s not a step-by-step guide but rather a book about tips, tricks, and habits you need to have to become a great EDM producer. It also talks about songwriting and equipment such as DJ speakers and so on. This book tries to make your work more proficient and also teaches you about making music.

4. Music Production For Beginners

Perhaps the best music production book for beginners.

  • Music theory
  • Studio setup
  • Production
music production book for beginners

I have recently read Music Production For Beginners because my friend recommended it and even though I have years of experience, I learned a couple of new things. So, this is not only for beginners but for intermediate and pro music producers or mixing engineers.

This book touches on topics such as the music business, songwriting, producing music, music theory, samples, etc. But of course, it includes chapters on how to record a song, how to create a good sound, what equipment to use, and so on.

5. Mixing Secrets

A very useful book about mixing and much more.

  • Mixing preparation
  • Song arrangement
  • Mixing concepts
mixing secrets book cover

Mixing Secrets, a music production book from SoundOnSound is a perfect guide for those who want to build a home recording studio, especially a small one. This is a relatively small book with 400+ pages but covers a lot of info about various things regarding recording and production.

It’s divided into four parts and each part contains multiple chapters. The first and second part is dedicated to creating an environment and learning how to listen. Third and fourth part talks about mixing and different subjects such as using EQ, compressor, effects, creating balance in the mix, and much more.


All music production books listed here are great not only for beginners but intermediate mixing engineers. I have read all of them and learned a lot from them. Using books with Youtube tutorials and blog articles will help you to learn music production quicker and better.

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