There are many things you can buy as a gift for music producers on a birthday or on some special day.

This can be recording gear, instruments, accessories for the studio, and so on. All of these will make them happy.

So, if you have a music producer friend, relative, or parent and need a gift idea, then you came to the right place.

What’s The Best Gift For Music Producers?

Here I’m listing the equipment that would be a great present for music producers, mixing engineers, or recording studio owners.

1. Audio Interface

audio interface

An audio interface is a device that allows you to record any musical instrument and microphone easily. So, it will be a great gift for your music producer friend. You can find them in different price ranges and configurations and for more details you can check some of the best interfaces for home studios.

2. Microphone


Microphones are essential equipment for any music recording studio and getting one as a gift would be a great idea. You can find a good recording microphone relatively cheaply and also you have options to choose between dynamic or condenser mic.

3. Studio Monitor


The next best gift for music producers would be some kind of speaker, namely some kind of best monitor for a home studio. Your music producer friend might have a pair of studio monitors but having additional pair would be great because it will give him/her more options to check mixes.

4. VST Plugin


VST plugins are very important in this era because digital recording is the main method of recording. There are countless types of VSTs you can choose from like instrument VSTs, mixing VSTs, and so on. Perhaps the one option would be to find the best EQ plugin because it’s one of the most important mixing tools.

5. Amplifier

marshall amp

Now, if you have more budget, then you can buy an amplifier for guitar or bass however, it’s important to find a good one. There are different types of amps such as tube amps, modeling amps, and solid-state amps and if you’ll need help, then you can see the list of some of the best electric guitar amps.

6. Musical Instrument

les paul guitar

Another great gift for a music producer or studio owner would be some kind of musical instrument. A good studio needs to have different kinds of musical instruments to be able to record various sounds. So, find the best electric guitars and make your friend happy.

7. Effects Pedal

guitar pedalboard

Another gear you can get as a gift, especially for guitar geeks, is the effects pedal. This is not only great for recording but for live shows too. So, if you have a music producer or guitar player friend, it would be a great present. For example, check this list of the best guitar fuzz pedals and you might like one.

8. Music Production Book


And lastly, an amazing gift idea for music producers or engineers would be a music production book. It’s always a good idea to learn more about your profession and a book is one of the best sources for learning. There are many music production books you can choose from whether it’s about production, mixing, or music career.


So, here are my gift ideas for music producers and all of them would make them happy. You just need to know what your friend is needed the most and get him or her that one.

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