If you are a beginner mandolin player and searching for a pick for a mandolin, then you might need help.

And this post is about that – to help you to choose the best pick for your mandolin.

There are some awesome mandolin picks but you can also use guitar picks for mandolin and I will recommend both types.

What’s The Best Mandolin Pick?

Here is the list of my favorite picks for mandolin. Some of them are guitar picks but work great for mandolin.

1. D’Addario 2CA7-01CT

A triangle shape, medium size pick for mandolin.

  • Triangle shape
  • Casein
D'Addario 2CA7-01CT

This D’Addario pick is great for the mandolin and It offers a comfortable shape that makes playing the mandolin easier. Also, it produces a great sound which is great for chords and also some little licks. I recommend this mandolin pick for everybody who wants a comfortable pick to play the mandolin.

2. Dunlop 512P140

Thick mandolin pick with great response.

  • Triangle shape
  • Ultex
Dunlop mandolin pick

Dunlop 512P140 is a triangular pick for mandolins with a good thickness which makes playing more consistent. I like using it for mandolin solos and licks but you can use it for rhythm too. It’s durable, creates a good sound, and is perfect for every mandolin player.

3. Fender 346

One of the best mandolin picks you can find.

  • Triangle shape
  • Celluloid
Fender pick for mandolin

Fender has amazing picks for different instruments but this one is a perfect mandolin pick. The shape, thickness, size, and everything else are amazing in this pick. In general, I love Celluloid picks so I highly recommend using them for your mandolin.

4. D’Addario 2AN7-03

A pick with a perfect shape for a mandolin.

  • Standard shape
  • Nitra Acrylic
D'Addario mandolin pick

D’Addario 2AN7-03 is one of the best mandolin picks you can find today and it’s specifically made for mandolins. The shape is just perfect which makes playing the mandolin a fun and comfortable experience. Offers articulate sound, last longer, and is very affordable. A great mandolin picks for playing chords and rhythm parts.

5. PRS Tortoise Celluloid

Amazing guitar pick for mandolin and other folk instruments.

  • Standard shape
  • Celluloid
PRS Tortoise Celluloid

This PRS Tortoise Celluloid pick is for guitars but I have used it for mandolin and it works perfectly. It’s a standard-sized pick for guitar and that’s one of the reasons why I love playing mandolin with it. It’s just the perfect pick to play licks and small lead parts on a mandolin because of its shape. And the sound is very prominent and has a great response.


All of these mandolin picks are great and you can use any of them. It just depends on which shape you like the most because other than that, all of them offer great sound and comfort. I hope you will find the right one for you.

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