I’ve always struggled with bass guitar picks because I couldn’t find one that was comfortable to play and had a suitable thickness.

Sometimes the size of the pick was the issue, sometimes I liked the size but the thickness wasn’t right, and so on.

But finally, after trying so many picks, I have some favorite bass picks and I want to share them with you.

What’s The Best Bass Pick?

I have many favorite picks for bass guitar but here I’m recommending some of them that I think are one of the best bass picks.

1. Graph Tech PQP0402G4

An amazing thick bass pick that is made from TUSQ.

  • Bi-angle shape
  • TUSQ
Graph Tech TUSQ bass pick

The TUSQ bass pick from Graph Tech is one of my favorite ones and I love their guitar picks too. It has a thickness of 2mm which is perfect for bass guitar and it has a unique sound because of the material. I love the size of this pick and how clean and articulate it is.

2. Ernie Ball Prodigy

One of the best bass picks for metal and heavy music.

  • Standard shape
  • Delrin
Ernie Ball Prodigy

Ernie Ball Prodigy picks are great for metal and fast-playing metal bass riffs. This is a small pick and is great for electric guitar but I love using it on bass guitar. It’s like a Jazz III pick but for bass and I love playing metal songs with this pick because of comfortability and speed.

3. Dunlop Felt

This felt bass pick has a great feel and a round sound.

  • Standard shape
  • Felt
Dunlop Felt pick

The first time I played with Dunlop Felt pick, it was weird because I have never played something like that. But once I got used to it this bass pick became one of my favorites. It’s a very thick pick and has a very mellow and round sound. I love using it on acoustic bass because when this pick touches the strings on acoustic bass, it produces a unique and very pleasant sound.

4. Clayton Acetal Standard

Really good quality pick for bass guitar with a unique sound.

  • Standard size
  • Acetal
Clayton Acetal Standard

Clayton Acetal Standard comes in different shapes and sizes but for the bass guitar, I prefer 1mm or thicker ones. This bass pick feels great when playing and because of its matte finish has a good grip so you won’t drop it frequently. I have used it on acoustic bass guitar and works as great as on electric bass. And acetal might be one of my favorite materials for instrument picks.

5. D’Addario DuraGrip

Excellent bass pick for acoustic bass guitars.

  • Standard shape
  • Delrin
D'Addario DuraGrip

D’Addario DuraGrip is one of the best bass picks I’ve ever used. This collection includes different pick gauges but for bass, I prefer a 1.5mm one. Made from Delrin which is a great material for guitar and bass picks produce great sound and also has a really good grip. Playing the bass guitar with the DuraGrip pick is just comfortable and fun.


If you have trouble finding the right bass guitar pick for you, here is a list of the best of them. Like guitar picks, every bass pick has a different feel and sound and you might like the certain one. So, I recommend these picks and give them a try because you might find what you are looking for.

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