Guitar picks are often overlooked by guitar players even though it’s important to choose the right one.

There are different types of guitar picks, they come in various shapes, and have different thicknesses. And every pick might be good for a specific style of playing.

So, choosing the right guitar pick is important because it will have an impact on the sound and playing.

What’s The Best Guitar Pick?

In this list, you will find the best guitar picks that you can buy. There are picks for electric and acoustic guitars and also for fingerstyle playing.

1. Dunlop Jazz III

Jazz III is one of the best guitar picks for speed.

  • Sharp shape
  • Nylon
Dunlop Jazz III

Dunlop Jazz III is my favorite guitar pick and I’m using it for a long time. I love how small and comfortable it is and helps my playing speed. There are various versions of jazz-like picks but the nylon one is my favorite. This guitar pick is comfortable to hold however if you are switching from standard guitar pick you will need some time to get used to it.

2. Fender Celluloid

Fender Celluloid is the best guitar pick for beginners.

  • Standard shape
  • Celluloid
Fender Celluloid guitar pick

There are different types of Fender Celluloid picks for guitar and all of them are good. They work great for rhythm guitar and it was my first type of guitar pick. Personally, I like the medium size but you can use thin or thicker versions. It’s a standard-size guitar pick with a good point which makes playing easier.

3. Clayton Ultem Standard

A great and long-lasting pick for electric guitar.

  • Standard shape
  • Ultem
Clayton Ultem Standard pick

I have used various Clayton guitar picks and Ultem is my favorite. The standard one is the best guitar pick for electric guitar in my opinion and I love how it impacts the overall sound. These series of Clayton picks include different sizes and you can use them for acoustic too.

4. Graph Tech PQP0140MX

Great pick choice if you are a finger-style player.

  • Thumb pick
  • Tusq
Graph Tech guitar pick

If you are an acoustic guitar player and mainly play fingerstyle, then Graph Tech thumb pick would be the best choice. It has great quality, produces amazing sound, and is very comfortable. I am not a fingerstyle player but have tried these picks and they are really good. Also, Graph Tech offers great picks for bass guitars.

5. Dunlop Tortex

Really good guitar picks for rhythm or guitar solos.

  • Standard shape
  • Tortex
Dunlop Tortex picks

Dunlop Tortex is one of the most popular guitar picks that come in different colors and thicknesses. These are standard guitar picks with good sound and are comfortable to play. Works amazingly for rhythm or guitar solos, especially thick ones. Also, I have used it for acoustic guitar and they work really well.

6. Ernie Ball Everlast

One of the best guitar picks for metal and riffs.

  • Standard shape
  • Delrin
Ernie Ball Everlast

Ernie Ball Everlast is very similar to Tortex guitar picks and they also come in different colors. These guitar picks are made from Delrin and which gives them a unique sound and great durability. I have tried 0.88 and 1.0 thickness picks and both were amazing.

7. Clayton Ultem Triangle

One of my favorite guitar picks for acoustic.

  • Triangle shape
  • Ultem
Clayton Ultem Triangle

Clayton Ultem Triangle series of guitar picks are one of the best guitar picks for acoustic guitar. I exclusively use this pick for my acoustic for many years and they sound amazing. I love one with 0.56 thickness and use it for strumming and sometimes for picking parts but for that I prefer thicker guitar picks.


Guitar picks are very important because they change how you play and also each pick has a different sound impact. Depending on the shape and the thickness, you will get a different sound,s and also some picks work better on electric guitar and some for acoustic. These picks are my recommendations and I hope you will find the right one.

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