Banjo is one of the coolest folk instruments with a distinct sound and playing style.

You can play it with fingers but in general, you need a pick to play banjo and you need a specific pick.

So, if you are a beginner banjo player or want to try some new picks for banjo, you came to the right place.

What’s The Best Banjo Pick?

Here you will find the best banjo picks in different price ranges. The list contains mostly thumb picks but also fingerpicks.

1. D’Addario SCSH4-5

Great banjo thumb picks with good sound.

  • Thumb pick
  • Celluloid
D'Addario SCSH4-5

D’Addario SCSH4-5 may have a weird name but it’s a great thumb pick for banjo with superb sound and comfortability. Celluloid picks have their unique sound which works perfectly with a banjo. It produces a very warm and fat tone and can be used as a guitar pick too.

2. Dunlop 9023R

One of the best banjo picks made from plastic.

  • Thumb pick
  • Plastic
Dunlop 9023R

Dunlop 9023R is very similar to D’Addario’s thumb pick regarding shape and size but it’s made from plastic so, the tone is different. This is also a very comfortable pick to play banjo and could be a great pick for beginner banjo players.

3. Graph Tech PQP0288G3

Amazing thumb picks for banjo with great sound.

  • Thumb pick
  • TUSQ
Graph Tech PQP0288G3

I love Graph Tech TUSQ picks and they are amazing for any western or eastern musical instruments. And it’s one of the best banjo picks with great sound and is very comfortable to play. The TUSQ has a very unique sound that will make your banjo sound different and awesome.

4. Ernie Ball Pickey

Metal finger picks for banjo from Ernie Ball.

  • Fingerpick
  • Metal
Ernie Ball finger pick

Ernie Ball Pickey is a collection of fingerpicks for banjo and this pick will give you the metallic sound which I love in the banjo. Made from different kinds of metal, it fits perfectly on fingers and is very comfortable to play with. Use it with any thumb pick listed here and you will have fun playing your favorite instrument.


One of the best banjo picks for beginners.

  • Finger and thumb
  • Plastic
SUNLP banjo picks

SUNLP’s collection of folk instrument picks is awesome and this one includes thumb and finger picks for banjo. Made from plastic, they are very affordable, have a good sound, and are perfect for beginner banjo players. Also, these are great picks for mandolin or acoustic guitar.


Having a comfortable and good-sounding pick for banjo is important for any banjo player. It makes playing more fun and easy. You can try any of these picks and all of them will work great. I recommend getting a thumb pick and finger pick too.

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