Synth VST plugins are great tools for music producers and mixing engineers because you can create awesome sounds with them.

There are lots of free and paid synth plugins that offer various features, sounds, presets, and so on.

You can apply synth to any music style and it can be used not only as an instrument but also as a tool to add a sound layer to a song.

What’s The Best Synth VST?

Here are some of the best synth VST plugins you can get today and use them to create awesome and interesting sounds.

1. Serum

serum vst

Serum is a powerful synth plugin with lots of features and a very intuitive interface. When you first use a synth, you might be overwhelmed by the complex interface with lots of knobs and slides. But this plugin makes it easier with an easy-to-navigate layout. Like saturation plugins, synth plugins can add a layer to the sound, and with Serum, you can do t easily.

This plugin has features for oscillator, effect, and matrix that are divided into tabs and each section has its own controls. It allows you to import your audio and manipulate it, use modulation effects, add filters to your sound, and much more. The Serum is an all-in-one synth plugin and is great for home recording studios.

2. Oberheim OB-E

oberheim synth vst

Oberheim OB-E by GForce Software is an amazing sounding and one of the best synth VSTs out there. The plugin’s interface is slick, modern, and minimalistic but with lots of features and control knobs. It features a keyboard section with options such as unison, split, etc.

The plugin is divided into two modules and each module includes four synth expander modules – eight in total. These two modules have dedicated level and pan options and all eight module comes with all the synth features you can imagine. With this synth plugin you can create awesome and weird synth sounds easily.

3. Diva

diva vst

Diva is another synth VST plugin that tries to emulate analog synth sound and it does the job perfectly. Not only it sounds great but the price is reasonable and options are almost limitless. This synth plugin works with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol and has a very intuitive interface.

When you use Diva synth VST you get features such as oscillators, filters, envelopes, effects, and much more. You can use high-quality synth presets or create your own unique sounds. This is a great VST plugin and one of my favorite features is the ability to use two effects simultaneously.

4. Arturia Pigments

arturia synth plugin

Arturia Pigments is one of the best synth VSTs with perhaps the most beautiful interface I have ever seen. It’s marketed as a polychrome synthesizer and it gives you the ability to do in-depth editing of any sound you want. Also, comes with industry-standard presets that could be used for any project.

With it, you get multiple filter options, envelopes, effects, LFOs, a four-octave keyboard with pitch and volume wheels, macros, and anything you can imagine. But the best thing in this synth VST is the sound which I can say from my experience is superb.

5. Omnisphere

omnisphere vst

Omnisphere is the most expensive synth plugin in this list but you get awesome features for the money. The interface might look a bit dated but the feature and sound quality is excellent. It’s one of the greatest VST plugins you can have in your arsenal.

In the late updates, they added new features such as human control, new presets, voicings, pitch sliders, and more. It comes with huge, 50+ effects that include amps, modulations, delays, saturation, and so on. So, if you make EDM music, this is a great plugin but you need a good laptop for DJing because they recommend at least 8GB of RAM.

6. Model Mini

free synth vst

And if you like the sound of analog synth then Model Mini would be the best synth VST for you. Not only does it emulates analog sound perfectly, but it’s also a free plugin that is great for home-recording musicians and producers. Also, I love the retro interface and I think it looks amazing.

This free synth plugin has monophonic polyphony, three VCOs, an LFO option, filters, a mixer section, and more. With controllers, you can tweak time, modulation, noise volume, etc. Also, it features modulation and pitch wheels and switches for glide and decay.


Synth plugins are great tools to add a unique sound to your mixes and work for any genre of music. All synth VSTs listed here offer great features, sound, and possibilities to come up with excellent and tasteful sounds. It’s up to you which one you like the most and what features you need to have.

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