When you want to create a unique and exciting sound on your bass, a synth pedal is the best way.

Synth pedals for bass guitar offer various unique and weird sounds that can be used in different ways which can be great for recording and live performances.

You can use different instrument sounds, filters, and saturation and make the bass more exciting and interesting.

What’s The Best Bass Synth Pedal?

The best bass synth pedal must offer versatility, ease of use, and quality. So, here are my favorite ones that can do almost everything.

1. Boss SY-1

An excellent bass synth pedal for most players.

  • 11 synths
  • 11 variation
  • Bass and guitar
boss bass synth pedal

My favorite synth pedal for bass guitars is Boss SY-1 because it has everything I need and works with guitars too. This is a polyphonic synthesizer pedal that offers a variety of effects and you can create fantastic and weird bass sounds. I use it on stage and also for recording.

This bass synth pedal offers various controls to shape the sound and different kinds of synth options such as strings, pads, organs, and more. You have an option for eleven variations for each sound and also rate and depth control. Also, if you want to create low synth bass tones, you can use your 5-string bass guitar and make your bass sound more interesting.

2. Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth

An amazing analog synth pedal for bass players.

  • Analog
  • Resonant filter
  • Voice mixers
EH bass micro synth

Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth is another great synth pedal that offers many great sound options for bass guitars. I owned this pedal for many years and recorded hundreds of great bass tones with it. The pedal is very simple to use but with simplicity, you have all the freedom.

First of all, this is an analog bass synth pedal and produces a unique sound. Then, you have different faders to add and control various effects such as octaves, waves, frequencies, rates, and much more. It’s a very diverse pedal that can be used for acoustic bass guitars too if you want to create even more interesting sounds.

3. Source Audio C4

One of the best bass synth pedals with simple controls.

  • 128 MIDI presets
  • Various effects
  • USB connectivity
source audio c4 pedal

When you first look at the Source Audio C4 synth pedal, you might think that it lacks features and sound options but it’s the opposite. It’s a feature-packed synth pedal for bass and guitars with simple controls. And one of my favorite thing about this pedal is that it has USB connectivity which is great for home recording and also comes with 100+ MIDI presets.

The C4 synth pedal includes effects such as modulation filters, saturation, tremolo, harmonizer, etc. And I love that this is a digital pedal because allows me to record awesome bass tracks easily. Also, you can use it with a dedicated desktop and mobile app. I can’t say more about it because it has many features, so it’s better to try it yourself.

4. Panda Audio Future Impact

Versatile and affordable synth pedal for bass guitar.

  • Various synths
  • Different instruments
  • Guitar and bass
bass synth

Panda Audio Future Impact is one of the best bass synth pedals you can find today. It looks like some kind of toy but in reality, it’s a powerful synth pedal with tons of amazing and awkward sounds. You will be lost while using this pedal because the effects are almost limitless.

You can use presets or create your custom sounds with this pedal. It’s like a programmable device for bass guitars that is great for every kind of bass player. If you have a good bass amp but not so many sound options, you can get this bass synth pedal and make your practice more exciting.

5. Mooer E7

Small yet powerful and diverse synth pedal for bass guitars.

  • Different synths
  • Various instruments
  • Guitar and bass
mooer e7

Mooer E7 is an interesting synth pedal for bass and electric guitars. It’s a small pedal that can fit in any pedalboard but regarding the size, offers awesome features that allow you to create beautiful bass tones. This is a very affordable polyphonic bass synth pedal with great quality and options such as USB connectivity.

The E7 pedal offers seven different synth sounds such as organ, wave, trumpet, and others. So, you can create different sounds with your bass guitar very easily. It comes with various control knobs to shape the sound and also you have the option to save seven custom sounds which is always a great option.


As you can see, all of these synth pedals for bass have much to offer and you can create new and unique sounds. These pedals come with different features and price tags and depending on your budget and requirements, you can easily choose the right one.

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