Today we have great VST plugins to record and mix drums but also there are some great drumming apps we can use for different purposes.

With some apps, we can learn drums, and improve our timing, some applications are great for practicing. And there are apps for drums that are just for fun.

If you are a drummer and want to have a useful app that is fun to use, then you came to the right place.

What’s The Best Drum App?

In this post, I offer you the best apps for drummers for Android and iOS. The list contains useful apps and some of them are just for fun.

1. Erhythm

Erhythm app

Erhythm is a very unique drum mobile app. It’s a drum groove creator with advanced features and flexibility. You can download it on your phone or use a web app instead.

This application is a great tool to create drum grooves and patterns. You can create a custom drum kit and create any type of groove. Advanced settings allow you to change BPM, time signature, subdivisions, and more. And everything is visual. You can see what are you doing which makes it very intuitive.

The Erhythm app also includes groove presets in different genres of music. You can use rock, jazz, blues, Latin, African, and other types of drum patterns. The app is fully customizable and you can create crazy drum patterns. And it’s a free mobile music app.

2. Beatronome

Beatronome app

Beatronome is an advanced and perhaps the best metronome app for drummers. It has amazing features that make it the best metronome mobile app. And it is great for every musician. When you try it you will never practice without Beatronome.

This app has two main modes – a metronome mode and a practice mode. Also, there is a section where you can see factory presets and your beats. The metronome section has very advanced features. you can change tempo based on the number or use a tap button. Also, change time signatures, and type of notes such as 8th notes, 16th notes, triplets, and more.

But my favorite feature of Beatronome is the practice mode. You set a starting tempo and it gradually increases. It has settings for tempo steps, how many times a step should repeat, and more. This is a great tool to practice hard drum patterns or even guitar riffs. I recommend this app to anyone who plays any instrument.

3. WeDrum

WeDrum mobile app

WeDrum allows you to have a drum kit on your smartphone. This is a great app for drummers who want to have fun. Offers some great options and features. And the interface is very clean and easy to use. The graphics are good also.

It’s a full drum kit with a kick drum, snare, floor tom, two toms, and cymbals. Cymbals and snare have different sounds if you hit them in different sections. Also, it has a full mixer where you can balance the volume of each instrument.

The app includes different drum kits. You can choose between rock kit, jazz kit, ethnic, electronic, and more. But my favorite feature is that you can choose a song and play with it. The song collection is quite big and includes tracks from Beethoven, Vivaldi, and other songs.

4. Real Pads

Real Pads app

Real Pads is a great drum pad for EDM enthusiasts. You can create beautiful and great-sounding loops, record them, and share them. This is a simple yet powerful mobile drum app to have fun.

In total, the app has thirty pads and two sections. You can engage all pads at the same time. There are eight different types of pads – loops, long, short, etc. You can modify any sample and change its type.

A great feature is that you can crop any sample, make them custom and even download it as an MP3. Also, you can make each pad a loop. Also, the interface is very modern and easy to use. A great app for beginner drummers.

5. Simple Drums Rock

Simple Drums Rock

Simple Drums Rock is a very simple mobile application for drum players. Has a decent-sounding drum kit and a couple of features. Nothing special but it’s great to have fun or pass the time.

The app offers different drum kits with double kick drums, triple toms, and various cymbals. Also, one drum pad. You can add reverb to the drums to make them more realistic. Also, if you have drum samples, you can upload them and use them instead.

The app includes different guitar loops you can play drums over. The styles you can choose from are rock, metal, blues, reggae, and jazz. Also, you can record your grooves, and upload your MP3 files. Also, it has a built-in metronome.

6. DrumMachine

DrumMachine android app

Drum Machine differs from other drum apps mentioned above. It’s a drum sequencer that includes various drum patterns in different styles. Of course, you can create your drum sequences and grooves. It’s a very beautiful and intuitive application.

It’s an eight-piece drum kit that has an option for velocity. You can create low, medium, or hard hits. Has a built-in mixer that controls each instrument. It gives you more flexibility.

The collection of factory grooves is huge. It has different categories and each of them has different patterns. You can edit presets, create your own, and save them. You have options to change tempo, time signature, and record drums.

7. RealDrum


RealDrum is a simple but powerful drum app for any drummer. Offers some great features and very good sound samples. You can choose different drum kits, play, record, and save your custom drum grooves.

The collection of drum kits is huge. It includes a rock kit, metal drum kit, reggae kit, dubstep, EDM, hip-hop, and others. All drum kits have two kick drums, toms, and all the cymbals.

In the sample section, you can choose loops, songs, or backing tracks to play with. Also, it has lessons that are like a game. It gives you a pattern that you should remember and repeat. It’s a fun app to use.

8. Drum Solo Studio

Drum Solo Studio

Drum Solo Studio is a drumming app for rock drummers. However, it includes kits for pop and synth drums. Has simple features and it is a fun mobile app to play with. A great app for beginner drummers.

First of all, it has a mixer where you can set the volumes. Also, you can add reverbs and vibrations. But one of the best features is that you can connect it to MIDI drums. It makes playing much easier.

As I already said you can choose different styles of drum kits, change tempo, play, and record. Also, has some simple grooves you can practice with or use any MP3 file from the smartphone.

9. X Drum

X Drum

X Drum is another great mobile app for drums. You can choose rock kits, drum machines, and pads, and has a learn mode. The interface and the sound are really good. This is a fun app to play with.

The app allows you to change tempo, and instrument volume, play with factory presets, and others. Other than samples, X Drum includes some famous songs from bands like Green Day, Queen, Coldplay, etc.

You can record your playing and save it. The drum machine works as a sequencer and you can create drum patterns and save them, This is a great option when you have an idea. You can record your demo and then show it to your bandmates.

10. Super Drum

Super Drum app

And the Super Drum is the last drumming mobile app I recommend. It’s a simple yet fun-to-use application. Has some cool features and really good sound quality. you can choose different drum kits, songs, etc.

I like how simple this app is. It allows me to change the volume and choose a left-handed drum kit. Also, has a great collection of kits and songs. You can have a vintage kit, EDM kit, metal, disco, and others.

Also, you can choose different loops and play drums over them. Has lessons that teach you how to use the app. This is a simple app to have fun with. You can record your patterns and share them with friends.


Drum mobile apps are a great way to have fun. You can play drums, record your patterns, or create drum groove demos. I have used all the apps and had a great time. They are free, easy to use, and a great way to pass the time.

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