Real guitar amps are great for home recording and there are many different types of amplifiers in different shapes and forms.

Also, they may be more expensive than guitar amp sims but have a better tone.

Every home recording studio needs to have at least one real amp. You can have a clean amp, a dirty amp, or a guitar amp that is great for both types of tones.

Also, there are different types of amps. They offer different sounds, features, and prices. But a real guitar amp is a must-have for every home recording studio.

In this ultimate guitar amp list, you will find different types of amps that are great for recording. All amps cost under $1000 and every home recording owner can afford them.

Best Tube Guitar Amps

Tube amps are the most expensive and best-sounding among other types of amps. Tube amps generate warm and natural sounds. Tubes break sound naturally and you get a very rich distorted sound.

1. Vox AC15C1

Vox AC15C1 guitar amps

Vox AC15C1 is a great tube amp for home recording. Vox is one of the most popular amps among musicians. It has a very distinct and unique sound. Offers great clean tones and also a very rich dirty tone. Great for clean guitar tones, rock, and blues.

This particular model has 15 watts and it’s enough for home recording. Has master and normal volume control, bass, treble, and tone cut knobs. Additionally, has built-in reverb and tremolo effects. It’s a very versatile amp and you can create different types of guitar tones.

Vox AC15C1 Specs:

  • Power – 15 watts
  • Tubes – EL84
  • Speaker – 12″ Celestion G12M

2. Marshall DSL 20 CR

Marshall DSL20CR

Marshall DSL20CR is a great tube amp. It’s versatile and great for almost every music genre. You can record pop, rock, blues, and metal music with this amp. It has default preamp controls, gain and volume for both channels, and also a reverb control. Also, you can choose between 20W and 10W power.

DSL20CR is a 20-watt amp with a 12″ speaker. It’s a two-channel amp and you can switch between channels with a footswitch. With the classic channel, you can get a crunchy tone, and with the ultra channel, you can create a heavy, metal sound. Also, it has a great clean sound. Amazing tube amp for home recording.

Marshall DSL20CR Specs:

  • Power – 20 watts
  • Tubes – ECC83 and EL34
  • Speaker – 12″ Celestion Seventy 80

3. Orange Rocker 15

Orange Rocker 15

Orange Rocker 15 is one of the best guitar amps for metal. This is a tube combo amp with great sound and features. You can create and record different types of electric guitar tones. Its twin channel feature offers clean and dirty channels. It comes with no built-in FX.

The controls are very simple. You have the volume control for a clean channel. But the dirty channel has gain, volume, bass, middle, and treble. And the great thing is that you can switch between different watts. You can use a full 15 watts or use 7 watts, 1 watt, or even 0.5 watts.

Orange Rocker 15 Specs:

  • Power – 15 watts
  • Tubes – ECC83, ECC81 and EL84
  • Speaker – 10″ VOTW

4. Fender Blues Junior IV

Fender Blues Junior IV

Fender Blues Junior IV is a 15-watt tube combo that produces an amazing sound. This amp is a great gear for any home recording studio. You can record great clean or crunchy tones with it. Perfect tube amp for pop, rock, or blues music. An awesome alternative to Twin Reverb.

Junior IV is a very straightforward yet powerful amp. It’s very easy to dial a guitar tone. You get simple controls such as volume, bass, middle, treble, master volume, and a reverb. It’s a single-channel tube combo with a rich and beautiful tone. Blues Junior IV is one of the best guitar amps for jazz.

Fender Blues Junior IV Specs:

  • Power – 15 watts
  • Tubes – 12AX7 and EL84
  • Speaker – 12″ Celestion

5. Blackstar HT Club 40

Blackstar HT Club 40

Blackstar HT Club 40 is a very popular, two-channel combo amp with tubes. It’s a very powerful and versatile combo for recording and also for live performances. The MK II version is an upgraded version with amazing sound and features. 40 watts and a 12″ speaker are more than enough for home recording.

With a clean channel, you get volume, bass, and treble controls. The dirty channel has only gain and volume. Also, both channels have a voice switch that shapes the sound. Additionally, you have a default preamp section and reverb control. Has effects loop and footswitch options.

Blackstar HT Club 40 Specs:

  • Power – 40 watts
  • Tubes – ECC83 and EL34
  • Speaker – 12″ Celestion

Best Hybrid Guitar Amps

A hybrid guitar amp is a very interesting guitar amplifier. Hybrid amps are a combination of solid-state and tube amps. They have tubes in power sections and a preamp section is solid-state. Sometimes, vice versa. Have a great sound and cost less than a tube amp.

6. Joyo Jackman

Joyo Jackman

Joyo Jackman is a hybrid amp head. It’s based on the Marshall JMC series and has a great sound. It’s a member of the BanTamp series which includes other small amp heads based on popular guitar amplifiers. It’s very versatile and is great to record rock or heavier music.

Jackman produces 20 watts of power and it’s a Class D guitar amplifier. Has two channels – clean and dirty. And offers three control knobs for gain, volume, and tone. Very easy to use yet very diverse and great-sounding amp. It requires an additional speaker cabinet.

Joyo Jackman Specs:

  • Power – 20 watts
  • Tubes – 12AX7
  • Power Amp – Class D

7. Orange Micro Terror

Orange Micro Terror

Orange Micro Terror is perhaps the most popular mini amp head for electric guitars. It’s a hybrid amp head with simple controls but powerful and rich sound. Although it’s a 20-watt head, it’s great not only for recording but for small club gigs too.

Micro Terror is a very simple amp. Has only three controls – gain, volume, and tone. Also, it has a headphone output and aux input. Although it’s a single-channel amp, it produces a great and versatile sound thanks to the preamp tube. Orange Micro Terror amp head is one of the best guitar amps under 300 bucks.

Orange Micro Terror Specs:

  • Power – 20 watts
  • Tubes – 12AX7
  • Output – 8 and 16 ohms

8. Laney LV300

Laney LV300

Laney LV300 is one of the best guitar amps for recording. It’s a massive, 120 watts hybrid combo amp with three channels. Has great features and the sound is awesome. Although it’s a discontinued model, you can still get it on the used gear market.

Because it’s a three-channel combo, you can dial various sounds. It has one clean and two dirty channels. You can easily record clean, heavy, or lead tones with LV300. Each channel has its controls and the amp offers features such as reverb, FX loop, channel switch, etc.

Laney LV300 Specs:

  • Power – 120 watts
  • Tubes – ECC83
  • Speaker – 12″

9. Vox VT40X

Vox VT40X

Vox VT40X is a versatile hybrid combo for recording. It’s a cross-over between hybrid and modeling amp. Has many great features and you can create and record unlimited types of guitar tones. Vox VT40X is one of the best guitar amps for rock.

You can select between different amps models. Also, you can create your presets and save them. You can add effects or overdrives to the amps. Tone creation possibilities are unlimited with Valvetronix VT40X. It’s a great recording amp.

Vox VT40X Specs:

  • Power – 40 watts
  • Tubes – 12AX7
  • Speaker – 10″ Vox

Best Solid State Guitar Amps

Solid-state guitar amplifiers are very affordable yet great-sounding amps. They come in combo and head format. A solid-state amp has no tubes. They have great cleans and decent dirty channels. Most of them work well with pedals. In general, a solid-state guitar amplifier is great for recording.

10. Orange Crush 35RT

Orange Crush 35RT

Orange Crush 35RT is an amazing-sounding solid-state guitar amp. Perhaps the best solid-state combo amp for home recording. It has two channels, great features, and sounds amazing. And it’s very affordable relative to other Orange amplifiers.

For both channels, you get a separate volume knob. It has other controls for gain, bass, middle, and treble. Additionally, you get a built-in spring reverb and guitar tuner. Features, sound, and price make Crush 35RT the great recording guitar combo and one of the best guitar amps for beginners.

Orange Crush 35RT Specs:

  • Power – 35 watts
  • Channels – Clean and Dirty
  • Speaker – 10″ VOTW

11. Fender Champion 40

Fender Champion 40

Fender Champion 40 is a great solid-state combo for recording clean tones. It has power, a 12″ speaker, and two channels. It’s not good for heavy tones but if you record clean and crunchy tones then perhaps it’s the best choice. Great for rock and blues in general.

It has default sound controls like volume, gain, treble, and bass. Also, has an option to choose a different tone and distortion voicing. Another great power of Champion 40 is in FX. You can choose from reverb, delay, chorus, tremolo, and control the effect amount with a dedicated knob.

Fender Champion 40 Specs:

  • Power – 40 watts
  • Channels – Clean and Dirty
  • Speaker – 12″ Fender Special Design

12. Quilter Labs Aviator Cub 50

Quilter Labs Aviator Cub 50

Quilter Labs Aviator Cub 50 is a great single-channel guitar amp. A very high-quality solid-state amp for clean tones. Simple controls, great sound, and works perfectly with effects pedals. This amp is perfect for recording clean guitar tones. Also, great for rock music.

Aviator Cub has three guitar inputs – tweed, blonde, and black. Tweed offers a classic clean tone, blonde produces bell-like tones with a growl, and black is for more rock, crunchy sound. Additionally, it offers an FX loop, built-in reverb, and different tins and outs. very versatile and great-sounding combo amp.

Quilter Labs Aviator Specs:

  • Power – 50 watts
  • Channels – Single Channel
  • Speaker – 12″ Eminence

13. Diezel VH Micro 30

Diezel VH Micro 30

Diezel VH Micro 30 is a great solid-state amp head for heavier music. It has a power and unique sound that allows you to create different heavy guitar sound. Diezel is a great amp brand and Tool’s Adam Jones is known for using Diezel amps. A great metal guitar amp.

It’s a straightforward amp. But offers some interesting sound features. It’s a single-channel amp with simple controls. But an interesting addition is the deep knob which allows you to add more low-end to your electric guitar tone. Diezel Micro 30 is a great solid-state amp for heavy guitar tones.

Diezel VH Micro 30 Specs:

  • Power – 30 watts
  • Channels – Single Channel
  • Weight – 4 lbs

14. Friedman BE Mini 30

Friedman BE Mini 30

Friedman BE Mini 30 is another great solid-state amp head. It’s very similar to Diezel Micro but more versatile. It’s great not only for recording metal guitars but also for clean and crunchy tones. very simple yet powerful single-channel amp for recording.

The front panel consists of default sound controls such s gain, volume, and preamp knobs. But the interesting features are cut and tight switches that allow you to control your sound even more. The amp has an FX loop feature.

Friedman BE Mini 30 Specs:

  • Power – 30 watts
  • Channels – Single Channel
  • Weight – 4 lbs

Best Modeling Guitar Amps

Modeling guitar amps are very interesting and feature-packed amplifiers. In one box you get unlimited features like amps and effects. Because of the features and low price tag, modeling amps are very popular and can be used for recording.

15. Boss Katana 50

Boss Katana 50

Boss Katana 50 is a cool practicing and recording modeling amplifier. This combo amp can produce massive, 50-watt sound and is packed with features. With Katana amps, you can create unlimited types of guitar tones, save them as custom presets, and use them any time.

You can choose between five different amp types. You can use it with acoustic guitars too. Then you can add any effect you want. It consists of famous boss effects. You can save presets on different channels and switch between them with a footswitch. Also, it has an option for power reduction and you can use 0.5 watts, 25 watts, or full 50 watts.

Boss Katana 50 Specs:

  • Power – 50 watts
  • Speaker – 12″ Custom
  • Amp Models – 5 Amps

16. Peavey Vypyr X2

Peavey Vypyr X2

Peavey Vypyr X2 is a very versatile digital combo and one of the best guitar amps in the digital category. It’s packed with so many features that there is a very small amount of amplifiers that can beat it. And one of the best features of Vypyr X2 is that you can record electric, acoustic, and bass guitar with it.

You can choose between twelve different amp, effect, and instrument presets. Then you can edit your sound with preamp controls. It also has a tap tempo and looper features. In total, you can create and save sixteen presets. Comes with an iOS app.

Peavey Vypyr X2 Specs:

  • Power – 40 watts
  • Speaker – 12″ Custom
  • Amp Models – 12 Amps

17. Fender Mustang GTX 50

Fender Mustang GTX 50

Fender Mustang GTX 50 is a cool modeling guitar amp to record music at your home. It’s versatile, great-sounding, and includes too many features. Also, it has one of the best interfaces to create electric guitar tones. You can choose between forty different amps, many effects, and save two hundred presets.

Mustang GTX 50 has a small screen from where you can choose amps, effects and create your guitar tone chain. Then you can save it and use it any time. Also, it comes with many factories presets. Features and sound make Fender Mustang GTX one of the best recording amps.

Fender Mustang GTX 50 Specs:

  • Power – 50 watts
  • Speaker – 12″ Celestion
  • Amp Models – 40 Amps

18. Marshall Code 50

Marshall Code 50

Marshall Code 50 is a digital amp and very similar to Fender Mustang. It includes 14 famous guitar amps, 24 effects and you can use four of them simultaneously. You get a hundred editable presets, different speakers, and apps for iOS and Android.

It’s a very straightforward digital amp. You choose a preset, you can edit it, add effects, change amps, etc. You can tweak the volume, gain, treble, middle, and bass. Also, it has a guitar tuner and tap-tempo features. An amazing beginner guitar amp.

Marshall Code 50 Specs:

  • Power – 50 watts
  • Speaker – 12″ Custom
  • Amp Models – 14 Preamp and 4 Power Amp

19. Vox Cambridge 50

Vox Cambridge 50

Vox Cambridge 50 is a modeling amp that offers ten amp models and eight effects. It uses Nutube 6P1 in the preamp section that makes it like a hybrid amplifier. Other features include aux input, headphone output, and a USB port to control the sound from the app.

It’s very easy to use the Cambridge combo. First, you choose an amp. The amp collection includes famous Vox and other amps. After that, you can tweak preamp controls, add effects such as modulation, reverbs, and so on. If you are looking for the best guitar amps under 500 bucks, it’s the one.

Vox Cambridge 50 Specs:

  • Power – 50 watts
  • Speaker – 12″ Celestion VX
  • Amp Models – 10 Amps

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps

Acoustic amps are great gear to have in your home recording studio. With it, you can record your acoustic-electric guitar and shape the sound as you wish. Here are some of the best amps for recording acoustic guitar.

20. Fender Acoustic 100

Fender Acoustic 100

Fender Acoustic 100 is a great-sounding acoustic combo amplifier with a beautiful design. The features and sound make it a great recording amp for acoustic guitars. It’s affordable, sounds awesome, and has many great features. If you want a combo to record your acoustic-electric guitar, then this is the amp for you.

It’s a 100-watt, two-channel acoustic amp with an 8″ speaker. Has two inputs for mic and instruments. Has 3 band EQ and different built-in effects like reverb, delay, and chorus. Also, has USB and Bluetooth options.

Fender Acoustic 100 Specs:

  • Power – 100 watts
  • Speaker – 8″ Custom
  • Effects – Yes

21. Blackstar Sonnet Blonde

Blackstar Sonnet Blonde

Blackstar Sonnet Blonde is a great combo to record acoustic guitars with. It’s beautiful, sounds amazing, and has some great features to shape your acoustic tone. The Sonnet series includes other great acoustic amplifiers but I chose it because I have played it and liked the sound.

This is a two-channel amp with XLR and instrument inputs. Controls are very simple but have some interesting features. Namely phantom power, phase switch, reverb, brilliance, and high pass filter knobs. Very versatile amplifier for recording.

Blackstar Sonnet Blonde Specs:

  • Power – 120 watts
  • Speaker – 8″ and 2x Tweeter
  • Effects – Reverb

22. Orange Crush Acoustic

Orange Crush Acoustic

Orange Crush Acoustic is one of the most versatile acoustic guitar amps you can buy for recording. It’s a two-channel, 30-watt combo amplifier that produces very clear and rich acoustic guitar sound. Great for recording and small gigs.

It’s a two-channel amp with mic and instrument inputs. You can control sound with preamp knobs, add reverb or chorus, use phantom power, and more. And the great feature is that you can cut a certain frequency with dedicated controls.

Orange Crush Acoustic Specs:

  • Power – 30 watts
  • Speaker – 8″ VOTW
  • Effects – Reverb and Chorus

23. Fishman Loudbox Artist

Fishman Loudbox Artist

Fishman Loudbox Artist is a very interesting acoustic guitar and vocal amplifier. It’s a two-channel amp with mic and instrument inputs, produces 120 watts of power, has built-in effects, and other great features.

This amp has 3-band EQ, anti-feedback control, switches for a clip, phase, tweeter, mute, and phantom power. Also, two sections of effects. One contains reverb and delay, and the second controls modulation. Each has separate control knobs.

Fishman Loudbox Artist Specs:

  • Power – 120 watts
  • Speaker – 8″ and 1″ Tweeters
  • Effects – Yes

24. Vox VX50AG

Vox VX50AG

Vox VX50AG is a great small amp for acoustic guitar recording. It’s a 50-watt amp with 3-band EQ and built-in reverb and chorus. Has one input for the instrument and one for a microphone. Other features are AUX input and headphone output.

The instrument channel has a phase switch and the XLR input has a phantom power switch. The instrument channel has volume, standard 3-band EQ, and effects knob. And the mic channel has volume, bass, treble, and reverb controls. Also, has a master volume knob.

Vox VX50AG Specs:

  • Power – 50 watts
  • Speaker – 8″ Vox with Tweeter
  • Effects – Reverb and Chorus


Guitar amps are essential music gear for every home recording studio. Every studio must have at least one amp. You will create better guitar tones and guitar mixes with real amps. If you have a big budget, you can get a tube amp. For smaller budgets, solid-state or hybrid amps are great. But if you want to have many features at a low price, then a modeling amplifier is the best solution for you.

A good electric guitar amp should be in every studio whether it’s a tube amp, hybrid, or solid-state amplifier. Also, having an acoustic guitar amp is a plus if you play or record acoustic guitars.


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