If you want a good tone for your acoustic bass guitar you need to use the best acoustic bass strings.

Of course, a high-quality and expensive acoustic bass with excellent wood and craftsmanship is important but new and good acoustic bass strings are mandatory.

And if you are searching for good strings for your acoustic bass guitar stop now. I have made a list for you.

What Are The Best Acoustic Bass Strings?

Here is my list of the best acoustic bass strings that sound great and last much longer than any other strings for bass guitar. You may have the best bass guitar but you need high-quality strings to get a good tone.

1. Ernie Ball Earthwood

Earthwood acoustic bass strings

Ernie Ball is my favorite string manufacturer and their Earthwood acoustic strings are one of the best strings for acoustic bass guitar. I love the rich sound of these bass strings and they last quite long. My favorite Earthwood string gauge is 45-95 which is also great for drop tunings.

Earnie Ball Phosphor Bronze strings are made from copper, tin, and phosphorus which gives them a yellowish color. And one of my favorite things about these strings is that it has a very clear sound and you will hear every note. Also, it produces a mellow and ringing tone which I like.

2. D’addario EPBB170

Daddario acoustic bass strings

D’addario EPBB170 is another great string option for acoustic bass guitars with a warm and balanced tone. It’s a light string and is great for long-scale acoustic bass guitars and is very versatile too. You can use it for different playing styles or music genres.

The core of the strings is made from carbon steel and is wrapped with phosphor bronze wire. The playing feels very smooth and comfortable and has great clarity. It’s a very balanced-sounding acoustic bass string with additional warmth, sweetness, and clarity.

3. Martin MA4850

Martin MA4850

Martin MA4850 is one of the best acoustic bass strings if you use drop D tuning. The string gauge is 45-105 which makes it a great string for metal. I have played recently with these strings and the sound was amazing. Also, it felt very smooth.

MA4850 offers a steel core and tin plated phosphor bronze wire for wrapping. Very durable strings for your acoustic bass guitar with additional corrosion resistance. And the sound is very versatile and balanced.

4. La Bella AB10

La Bella AB10

La Bella AB10 is an interesting acoustic bass guitar string with unique features. First of all, you should know that this is a light string with a gauge of 40-95. So, it might not be the perfect string choice for drop tuning. Other than that, it’s a great set of strings for acoustic basses.

La Bella uses alloy which gives it a unique and specific sound and sustainability. Also, the string tension is very comfortable and offers very smooth playability. These bass strings offer a bright tone and great sustain, and playing feels comfortable and smooth.

5. Elixir E14502

Elixir E14502

Elixir is known for its durable strings for electric guitars but they also have great strings for acoustic basses too. My favorite is Elixir E14502. This is a medium-light set of strings with a gauge of 45-100 and is perfect for long-scale basses. This set of strings lasts longer and offers beautiful bass tones.

The sound of E14502 is crisp, clear, and very balanced which is great for versatility. It features a very thin coating which protects it from corrosion and helps it last longer than standard acoustic bass strings. A great acoustic bass strings for recording or playing live.

6. Ibanez IABS4XC

Ibanez IABS4XC

My friend suggested Ibanez IABS4XC and I was amazed at how good these acoustic bass strings are. This is a 4-string bass light string with a gauge of 40-95. I don’t use light strings on my basses but playing was very comfortable for me. Also, the tone was very good.

The tone is very pleasant and mild with great resonance. Also, it’s a durable set of strings thanks to Ibanez’s carbon coating. Great for long-scale bass guitars and I like that these strings have a black color. Very unique and cool looking.

7. Fender 8060

Fender strings for acoustic bass

Fender 8060 phosphor bronze strings for acoustic bass guitar are a great choice for most bass players. It’s a very versatile string with great sound, and durability, and offers good sustain. Also, it’s a great option for acoustic-electric bass guitars.

The tone of Fender 8060 is warm, rich, and has complex harmonics. Also, it’s very clear and has very pleasant highs. Great strings for recording which last longer and have beautiful highs and controlled lows.

8. DR Strings RPB45

DR Strings RPB45

DR Strings are popular with blues and classic rock players and they offer a vast collection of strings for guitars and basses. And RPB45 from the Rare series is an amazing set of strings for acoustic bass guitars. I loved the feel and sound of these strings.

DR Strings use a specific technique for their strings which makes bass strings durable and helps to produce rich and warm bass tones. RPB45 offers versatility, clarity, and balanced sound with crisp highs and very good low frequencies.

9. Rotosound RS88M

Rotosound RS88M

Rotosound RS88M is a great and interesting string set for bass guitars. It’s for medium-scale bass guitars and has a thick string gauge of 65-115 which is awesome for low-tuned bass. But this is a nylon bass string so it might not be perfect for everybody.

I have never played on nylon bass strings and it was an excellent experience. The sound was very mellow, warm, and felt very comfortable. I generally don’t like nylon strings but if you want a unique sound, then you should try it. For example, Paul McCartney used Rotosound strings for the Abbey Road album.


Strings are very important for bass guitars and without a good set of bass strings, you won’t be able to have a good tone. Also, using the best acoustic bass strings is very important for recording. So, you can feel free to choose any acoustic bass strings from this list and you will always have a great tone.

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