Analog Obsession is a free VST plugin maker and the team makes great VST plugins that have great features and produce amazing sound.

Although all the plugins they make are free, they can be used in the home or professional recordings. You can record, mix, and master any song with these plugins.

These plugin developer team tries to create free VST plugins that emulate the analog sound. And they do it perfectly.

What’s The Best Analog Obsession Plugin?

For this post, I tested and chose the best free VST plugins from the Analog Obsession catalog. This list contains different types of VST plugins and you will find EQs, compressors, and effects.

1. dBComp

dbcomp vst

Analog Obsession dBComp is a compressor and limiter plugin merged. As they say, it’s a drum compressor but works great as a mastering compressor too. Also, it can work perfectly with guitars. I love how it affects the source sound. And love its simplicity too.

dBComp features only five knobs and a beautiful VU meter. You can control threshold, compression, output, and mix. The feature I love the most is the ability to set HPF. This plugin makes everything very easy. Also, it’s a lightweight VST plugin and free.

2. FetSnap

fetsnap vst

FetSnap is an interesting plugin. It works as an enhancer but has attack and release like a compressor plugin. This feature makes it a unique and very handy plugin. This adds character, color, and snappiness to the sound.

FetSnap is a very simple plugin with just a few control knobs. It has a tone knob that controls the brightness of the sound. You can add a snap with a dedicated knob. Additionally, you can mix the wet sound with the dry sound and control output. Although it’s a simple plugin, it can have a good impact on the sound.

3. VariMoon

varimoon analog obsession

VariMoon is an interesting limiting amplifier plugin. It’s based on Fairchild 660. A very simple yet powerful plugin. Although you won’t need it many times, it’s a great tool to have in your plugin arsenal. It’s free and great sounding.

Analog Obsession VariMoon has a very minimalistic interface. Just a couple of nobs and a VU meter. You can choose different positions, control AC and DC thresholds, and engage a high pass filter. If you want to mix wet and dry signals, you can do it too.


treq EQ

Analog Obsession TREQ is one of my favorite free EQ VST plugins ever. It’s a simple, beautiful, and very powerful VST plugin to control the EQ of any track. I use it on any track like guitars, basses, drums, and even vocals. It works perfectly.

You can control highs, high mids, low mids, and low frequencies. Also, you can adjust input and output volume levels. It covers the frequency range from 60Hz to 15kHz and also includes HPF on 50Hz. Simple but very powerful EQ.


loades vst

If you looking for a free de-esser VST plugin stop searching. LOADES plugin has everything you need. You might think it’s too minimalistic but trust me, it does the job. I use it all the time and love this plugin.

It has two sections – reduction and output. The first section includes THR which allows you to go to -60dB, REL up to 500ms, and dry/wet mix control. In the second section, you can control output and input levels. If you don’t believe me try it yourself and then you will see how powerful this plugin is.


tilta plugin

I love simple and minimalistic plugins. And Analog Obsession TILTA is one of them. It’s a tilt equalizer with just two knobs and three knobs. That’s it. Nothing more is needed because it does everything you need.

The center knob controls range between 50Hz and 7kHz. With the tilt gain knob, you can control the amount of gain at +/-10dB. And you can cut very low and high with dedicated knobs. A very simple EQ plugin with great sound.

7. DoDoD

analog obsession dodod

Analog Obsession also makes guitar pedals and DoDoD is one of them It’s based on famous DOD 250-style pedals and emulates that sound perfectly. Also, like many other plugins in this list, it’s very minimalistic.

These beautiful yellow pedals have only two knobs but it doesn’t need more. You can control level and gain. The pedal has an amazing and very organic sound. Works great with hi-gain amplifiers. But it also can work with clean amps to add a little boost. DoDoD can be used for metal, rock, and blues.


lala limiter

LALA is one of my favorite Analog Obsession VST plugins I have ever used. This is an emulation of the famous Teletronix LA-2A limiter/compression. Has extra features such as mix, external sidechain, and filter sidechain. Great for mixing any instrument and track.

With a couple of controls, you can do a lot with the LALA plugin. You have the HPF option, MF and MG control compressor sensitivity for mid-range, and HF/FLAT for high frequencies. And finally, you can mix a dry signal with a wet signal. Very simple yet powerful and useful VST plugin for mixing.

9. SSQ

ssq console eq vst

SSQ is an emulation of an SSL console equalizer. Has a very beautiful and analog-like interface with colorful knobs. If you like analog sound like me, then this is the perfect plugin for you. You can use it for mixing or mastering.

Has a dedicated section for EQ filters, and you can control lows, low mids, high mids, and highs separately. SSQ features control knobs for bandwidth, dB, and frequency. It has all you need in the EQ plugin. And it has an analog sound.

10. Pig Pie

pigpie fuzz vst

If you love fuzz guitar pedals as I do, then you can have them for free. Pig Pie is an amazing-sounding fuzz plugin. It’s beautiful, powerful, and full of fuzz. Great for grunge music. It emulates a muff-style fuzz pedal.

It’s not only a fuzz pedal but a sustainer too. Has a volume, tone, and sustain knob. I love how organic and rich the tone you can get from this pedal is. Also, it works great for single-coil guitars. But if you want to hear its full potential I recommend using it with humbucker pickups.

11. Kabin

Kabin plugin

Kabin is a very interesting and cool-sounding guitar amp simulator with a simple interface. However, with this simplicity, you can still create different types of sound. This is a great Analog Obsession plugin to record demo guitar parts and riffs.

With the size knob, you control the size of the cabinet and speaker and with the character knob, you can make the sound softer or punchier. Also, you can move modeled tube microphone to change the sound even more. A simple yet powerful free guitar amp simulator for clean and crunchy guitar tones.


If you have a home recording studio then free VST plugins are great. And Analog Obsession makes one of the best free plugins. Their catalog includes effects, EQs, compressors, guitar pedal plugins, and more. They have great sound and features. I recommend downloading them and trying them out, and you will see their power.


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