Every day we see new AI tools that do amazing things and of course, there are some amazing AI music tools we can use.

I don’t want AI to create music instead of humans but we can use it to help us and do some small things for us.

AI can be used differently in music and I started searching. What I found is amazing because there are some helpful AI tools for music that can be used by professional musicians or just music lovers.

What’s The Best AI Tool For Music?

Here are my favorite AI music tools that greatly can help us to save time, make music without distractions, or just have fun.


Amazing plugin to extract any sound from the song.

  • Isolate sounds
  • Voice cleaner
lalal ai

LALAL AI is a combination of two AI music tools and both of them are super useful. It’s not music making tool but with it, you can extract any sound like vocals or instruments from any audio and it’s AI-powered. And the second feature is that you can clean up vocals by removing background noises.

There are many similar tools but the reason I chose this is that the quality is superb. You won’t notice that it’s an extracted sound from a song or any audio file. Another great thing is that LALAL AI has a free plan that lets you upload 10-minute-long audio files.

2. Amper

One of the best AI music tools for content creators.

  • Create songs
  • Control everything
amper by shutterstock

Amper by Shutterstock is a great tool if you are a content creator and want to use unique tracks for your projects. This AI music tool lets’ you create any type of track with awesome chord progression from the scratch, even if you don’t know a thing about music. Instead of buying royalty-free music from various platforms, you can create your own in minutes.

The way it works is that you choose the genre and length, AI creates music for you and then you have almost endless possibilities to tweak it. You can control length, structure, genre, mood, tempo, and much more. Then just download it in your favorable format.

3. Soundraw

Another great AI-powered music generator.

  • Create songs
  • Ai-powered
soundraw ai

Soundraw is similar to Amper and it’s a music generator AI tool with some awesome features. It’s a tool for content creators to have a library of unique tracks to use on projects. It has a basic free plan but for more features, I recommend a premium plan.

This is a very easy-to-use AI music tool for creating unique tracks with great song structure. You can choose the length of the track, mood, tempo, and genre and AI does the rest. Amazing tool for Youtube, ads, corporate videos, and more.

4. Landr

Perhaps the best online mastering platform.

  • Unique samples
  • Online mastering
landr online mastering

Landr is a famous platform that includes different tools for music like samples, beat makers, and plugins. But my favorite tool of Landr is the online mastering which allows you to create industry-standard songs.

It’s a very simple tool to use and the results are amazing. I have tested and used it many times and I’m very satisfied. You just upload your mix, choose some settings and it masters it for you. It’s a paid tool but pricing is very reasonable.

5. Bandlab SongStarter

Another royalty-free track generator with simple features.

  • Creating songs
  • Edit in an app
bandlab ai

Bandlab SongStarter is another great AI tool for music that allows you to generate tracks. It’s a simple yet powerful tool and you can not only create a song from scratch but also edit it the way you want.

It could generate different versions of a song based on the settings but you can do more. You can choose the vibe of the track, try different versions of the track, and open it to a dedicated app to tweak even more to create complete songs.

6. Brain FM

Background music generator that helps you focus on your work.

  • Backed by science
  • Various modes
brain fm

Brain FM is a very different tool from the rest of the tools on this list. It’s an AI-powered music tool backed by science but it doesn’t creates music. This is a background music generator that helps you to become more focused. It’s a paid tool but I recommend it to everyone.

After registering on the platform, it creates your profile by asking some questions and offers music depending on your answers. It has three modes – focus, relaxation, and sleep – so you can use it for various tasks. Additionally, you can tweak different settings of background music.

7. Boomy

Boomy creates music with the help of artificial intelligence.

  • Create music
  • Choose from the library

One of the best AI music tools is Boomy which is a music generator app with great features. You can write a song from scratch in any genre or choose from a huge library. Great for generating song ideas or creating complete tracks for your content or projects.

But an amazing thing about Boomy is that you can submit songs to streaming platforms and start earning money. Of course, I think humans must create music but you can create AI music for content creators to use on Youtube or similar platforms.


AI is a great way to save time and money to do automatic and repeatable tasks but it can be used in many different fields like design, development, and music. These are some of the best AI music tools I could find and you can use them to your advantage.


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