Working in a recording studio can be tiring and exhausting. Because of that, it’s necessary to take breaks and just relax.

And one of the best ways to relax and rest your mind is to play mobile games. Nothing serious or mind-blowing. Just to pass the time and relax.

And as a musician myself, I love to play music and mobile games. There are games and apps for drummers, guitar players, pianists, etc. They are fun to play. If you try them, I am sure you will love them.

What’s The Best Game For Musicians?

I decided to make a list of my favorite music games for smartphones. They are easy, relaxing, and fun to play with.

1. Queen Rock Tour

Queen Rock Tour

Queen Rock Tour is my favorite musicians game you can find. It’s for rock and especially Queen fans. This is an official game and includes original Queen songs. The game is similar to Guitar Hero and it has a story. Also, you can customize band member outfits, practice songs, collect money from achievements, etc.

It’s a story-based game where you go on a Queen tour from 1974 to 1986. Like in the Guitar Hero game, you have to click on the correct notes to gain points and stars. and each song has three levels. It’s a fun game to play and you play real songs.

2. Epic Band

Epic Band game

Epic Band is another story-based mobile music game. You start as a street musician and start earning money. Your character starts as a solo act and as you upgrade and become better, you gain band members.

In this game, you can upgrade your gear like amplifiers, and outfits, hire roadies, etc. Also, the more money you earn more instruments you can buy. And when you make upgrades you earn more money per second. After you complete the street act, you upgrade to a party, bar, and so on. Epic Band is a great mobile game for rock and metal lovers.

3. Beatstar


Beatstar is similar to Guitar Hero but simpler. You select songs and you have to click on the right notes at the right time. You collect points and stars. As you level up, more songs you can play. And the best thing is that all the songs are original. Artists include Sia, Nirvana, Blink 182, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, and more.

As you earn points, also you collect different cards. Some cards open a new song, some give you a wishlist card. You can add songs to your wishlist and there is a chance the next new song will be one from your wishlist.

4. GroovePlanet


GroovePlanet is a very interesting and unique music game for mobile. You start on a planet where music is everything. You collect points, build new buildings, and grow your music planet. It’s very futuristic and great for EDM musicians.

The buildings you can build are a MIDI controller, mixer, microphone, etc. As you can see this game is very musical. The more buildings you build more you earn. Also, you can upgrade these buildings. Also, GroovePlanet has an achievements module that gives you more points.

5. Rock Hero

Rock Hero mobile music game

Rock Hero is a great mobile game for musicians. It’s a small version of Guitar Hero on your smartphone. But not as feature-packed as the famous game. It’s a simple yet relaxing game. You can choose different songs and play them on a guitar fretboard. You can choose easy, medium, or hard versions to play.

You start with a few songs but you can buy new tracks with in-game money. And the money is collected when you complete the songs. The better your results are, the more money you earn. Nevertheless, this game lacks genuine songs and instead features a collection of arbitrary tracks.

6. WeGroove

WeGroove game for musicians

WeGroove is another music game that has real songs from real artists. It’s like Guitar Hero but for drummers. I think this is the best drummer game you can find. It has a full drum kit and you have to play all the notes correctly. It’s the hardest game for me. Perhaps because I’m not a drummer.

You have the option to choose the level of the song. But let me tell you that even easy mode is hard. You have to use almost every finger to play this game. But it’s fun and especially a great app for drummers. The song collection consists of tracks such as Wonderwall, Bohemian Rhapsody, Billie Jean, Back In Black, and many others.

7. Magic Drums

Magic Drums game

Magic Drums is a game similar to WeGroove. It’s a drummer’s game with great features. It is a level-based game and each level has different levels. You start with easy-to-play tracks and it becomes much harder later. You can use free-to-play or campaign mode.

The game starts with a standard drum kit and as you level up, you can enable new drum kits. And as you progress, tracks become more sophisticated. The app has a beautiful and realistic interface. I’m not a drummer but I love this game. It’s an enjoyable and great way to relax and pass the time.


Music games are a great way to relax your mind. And as musicians, it’s great to have mobile games dedicated to musicians. There are hundreds of other games in this category but these are games I have played and liked. There are games for guitar players, drummers, pianists, and even singers.

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