Reamping is a great and very convenient way to record guitar and bass and reamp boxes are the tools you need to do it.

Reamp boxes are not complicated and you don’t need a feature-packed one to do the job. A simple one can do the job perfectly.

And reamping is my favorite way to record guitars and basses because it allows me to have more control over the sound.

If you don’t know about reamp boxes and how reamping works you can read my reamp box guide and you will have a better understanding. Then you can freely choose one of the devices from this list.

What’s The Best Reamp Box?

For this list, I have chosen some of the best reamp boxes in every budget because you as a home recording engineer will be able to get one and start reamping.

1. Radial ProRMP

Most simple reamp box that does the job perfectly.

  • Passive
  • Single channel
  • Custom transformer
Radial ProRMP

Radial ProRMP perhaps is my favorite reamp box because it’s very simple to use and does everything I want it to. It has a single channel, one input and one output, and built-in transformers. Because of the simplicity and the price tag, I think this is the best reamp box for home recording. Nothing fancy or unique, just a simple device for reamping. Also, it’s the best reamping device for beginners.

2. Radial Reamp JCR

Reamp box with a couple of cool features and great reamping device.

  • Passive
  • Filter switch
  • Phase inverter
Radial Reamp JCR

Reamp JCR for Radial Engineering is a little bit feature-rich device and also the price tag is higher. So, it’s a great reamping device for mid-range home recording studios. It’s also a passive reamp box but has additional features such as a phase inverter and filter switch that can engage HPF or LPF. Also, has a level of control which is a great option to have when reamping instruments.

3. Art Dual RDB

An affordable device that can reamp two tracks at the same time.

  • Two channels
  • Polarity switch
  • DI re-amper
Art Dual RDB

Art Dual RDB is the cheapest device on this list and one of the best reamp boxes for beginners or low-budget home studios. One of the best features of this device is that it can reamp two tracks simultaneously which is very handy and each input has dedicated level controls. One of the best reamping boxes for beginner recording engineers with awesome features and a very affordable price tag.

4. IK Multimedia Tonex

A modern approach to reamping with awesome features and sound quality.

  • Tone modeler
  • Built-in attenuation
  • Presets
IK Multimedia Tonex

Tonex by IK Multimedia is a very interesting reamping device with lots of great features. It’s a reamp box but also a tone modeler that comes with various presets and features such as attenuation, ground lift, and more. This is a digital reamp box and you can use it with the standalone app and create unlimited guitar tones. The amp includes amps, cabinets, and effects pedals you can use for reamping.

5. Radial X-Amp

Feature-rich and great-sounding active reamp box for professionals.

  • Active
  • Polarity switch
  • Two outputs
Radial X-Amp

Radial X-Amp is a superb reamping box for experienced recording engineers and mid to high-budget home recording studios. Reamping with this device is very easy and you get a high-quality sound. It features a polarity switch, class A signal path, ground loop elimination, and more. Also, it’s a two-channel reamp box that allows you to reamp of two amplifiers simultaneously. Although it might be a bit more expensive than other devices you get a lot of features.


These are the best reamp boxes you can get and start reamping instruments in your home recording studio. Depending on your budget you can choose any device from the list and it will do the job perfectly. Some offer more features than others but the simplest one such as Radial ProRMP will work perfectly. If you want more options and love digital gear then IK Multimedia Tonex is a great option.

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