Every home recording studio needs to have guitar stands. It makes the room tidy, everything will be in order, and you will have more space.

There are numerous stands for different musical instruments like guitars, bass, acoustic guitar, etc.

There are different types of musical instrument stands. Some stands can hold one instrument, but others can hold multiple instruments at once. Also, some stands have unique features.

In this post, you will find the best musical instrument stands. These are high-quality products from great brands and offer cool features.

What’s The Best Guitar Stand?

Guitar stands are essential for a recording studio and if you want to buy one but don’t know which one is the right for you, here are the best guitar stands for your home studio.

1. K&M 17525 Guardian

A great guitar stand for electric and bass guitars.

  • Electric and bass
  • 5 slots
K&M 17525 Guardian

K&M 17525 is a great stand for electric guitars and bass guitars. It can hold five guitars at once. It’s a very compact and convenient stand for recording studios. The size is very compact and can fit in any room. Also comes with integrated guitar pick holders. K&M guitar stands are great for home use.

Very solid construction with soft pads to avoid instrument damage. Instrument neck and body slots are isolated and it avoids any bumping and accidental shifting. If you have many musical instruments in your studio, you need to have multiple guitar stands.

2. Hercules GS525B

5-slot guitar stand for all types of guitars.

  • All guitars
  • 5 slots
Hercules GS525B stand

Hercules GS525B is a great guitar stand for multiple guitars that can hold up to five instruments. It folds and takes up very small space when it’s not used. This stand is good for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. A great option for small home recording studios. It also has guitar pick holders.

It’s made from a solid material. Neck holders have a protective, soft surface that can protect your instrument finish from damage. It can hold thin or thick-body guitars. Also, the folding function makes it easier to transport. It weighs 176 lbs.

3. Rok-It Rack 5

Affordable and compact stand for bass and electric guitars.

  • Electric and bass
  • 5 slots
Rok-It Rack 5

Rok-It Rack 5 is one of the most affordable guitar stands. It’s great not only for the studio but also for the stage. It can hold five instruments, takes up very small space, and has a folding system that makes transportation easier. It’s a great stand for acoustic guitars. Of course, you can use it for electric guitars and basses.

It’s made from rugged steel and neck and body holders have smooth foam. It protects your instruments very well. Also, it’s a very lightweight guitar stand and weighs only 8 lbs. Very affordable and high-quality product.

4. Gator Frameworks SEAT

One of the best guitar stands with an integrated chair.

  • Guitars
  • Chair and stand
Gator Frameworks SEAT

Gator Frameworks SEAT is a special and unique stand for instruments. It’s a chair and instrument stand combination. It can hold one guitar and is great for stage and home recording studios. Also, can hold acoustic guitars.

Although its best use is on stage, it can be a great addition to the recording room. Especially during recording sessions. Players can put sit on the chair while recording and use it as a stand while not playing. A very convenient and comfortable chair and stand at an affordable price.

5. On-Stage GS7561

Foldable and flexible stand for guitars and basses.

  • All guitars
  • 5 slots
On-Stage GS7561

On-Stage GS7561 is a foldable guitar stand for multiple guitars. Made from solid material with soft neck and body slots for protection. Can be used for electric and acoustic guitars as well as bass guitars. This is a great guitar holder for a recording studio or stage.

On-Stage guitar stands are very comfortable and compact in size. The folding system makes it easier to transport. It’s a very stable stand and can fit well in any room. The height of this guitar stand is 29″ and weighs just 8.5 lbs.

6. Fender Case Stand

Fender guitar stand that is great for musicians on the road.

  • Electric and bass
  • 3 slots
Fender Case Stand

Fender Case Stand is one of the best guitar stands in the case stand category. It’s a bit expensive but can protect your instrument very well. It’s an instrument case and after unfolding, it acts as a stand. Has a soft surface to protect the instrument finish from scratches. A great wooden guitar stand.

This is a 3-ply wooden case with a tweed exterior and plush interior lining. It can hold up to three guitars or basses. Great for a recording studio, and stage, and very easy to transport. Fender Classic Series stands also have models that can hold up to seven instruments.

7. Hercules GS432B

Very advanced guitar stand for multiple guitars.

  • Electric and bass
  • 3 slots
Hercules GS432B guitar stand

Hercules GS432B is a compact and very convenient guitar stand. It can hold three guitars at once. This Hercules guitar stand has a great and innovative design that makes it small, compact, yet very functional. Takes up a very small space and is great for small rooms. Also, can be used on stage.

For finish protection, it uses foam, has foldable backrests, and features like a height adjustment clutch and auto grip system. Also, it’s a fully collapsable construction which makes transporting very easy. GS432B Plus Tri guitar stand is great gear for any home recording studio.

8. Gator Frameworks 3000

Affordable stand for acoustic and electric guitars.

  • Acoustic and electric
  • 3 slots
Gator Frameworks 3000 stand

Gator Frameworks 3000 is very similar to GS432B. It’s a triple instrument stand with foldable construction. It lacks some advanced features but is a great guitar stand. Very affordable product too. You can put electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass guitars on it.

Made from steel, it’s solid construction. For instrument finish protection it uses very smooth material on neck and body slots. This is a simple yet functional guitar stand for studio or stage use. Height can go up to 34″ and weighs just 4 lbs. Compact, convenient stand for three guitars.

9. K&M 17541

Amazing guitar stand for acoustic guitars.

  • Acoustic guitars
  • 1 slot
K&M 17541 acoustic guitar stand

K&M 17541 is one of the best acoustic guitar stands. It’s simple, and affordable, but very functional and high quality. Although you can put an electric guitar on it, it’s made for acoustic guitars. It’s very small and takes up very small space. Also, you can put small amps on it.

Has a very solid construction and a soft surface to protect the instrument finish from damage. Has a ten-degree tilt function that makes it more functional. Also, its fast folding system makes it easier to carry around.

10. Ultimate Support GS 1000

Premium quality stand for any guitar or bass player.

  • Electric and bass
  • 1 slot
Ultimate Support GS 1000 pro

Ultimate Support GS 1000 is a simple yet powerful guitar stand with great features. It’s a one-guitar stand that can hold the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar. Its adjustable height allows you to put other small instruments too.

Some unique features of GS 1000 are locking legs and self-closing yokes. Instruments will be safe and won’t fall from the stand. Includes protective soft material to avoid any scratches or other types of damage to the guitar finish. Affordable and compact stand for home recording studios.


Guitar stands are must-have accessory gear for every home recording studio. They help you to make your room organized, and tidy, and also they help you to free up some space in your room.

Depending on the number of instruments you own, you can choose from numerous different instrument stands. You can put your electric, acoustic, or bass guitars in. They protect your instrument and are very easy to transport.

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