Choosing a good set of strings for acoustic guitars is an important thing because strings have a huge impact on sound quality.

There are hundreds of acoustic guitar strings with different types of sound but the quality is not the same. So, you need to choose the best one.

What Are The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings?

Here are my favorite strings for acoustic guitars that are great for a different styles of playing and genres.

1. Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20

Amazing acoustic guitar strings for any style.

  • 11-52
  • Steel core
  • 80/20 bronze
Ernie Ball acoustic strings

Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20 strings are made of 80% copper and 20% zinc wire wrapped around a steel core wire. These acoustic strings produce a warm and mellow tone and are popular among folk and blues musicians. However, I think these are the best acoustic guitar strings for any genre or playing style. Also, the Ernie Ball strings collection includes great strings for acoustic bass guitar.

2. Elixir Nanoweb 16052

High-quality and long-lasting strings for acoustic guitars.

  • 12-53
  • Steel core
  • Phosphor bronze
Elixir Nanoweb acoustic guitar strings

Because of their bright, clear tone and long-lasting durability, Elixir Nanoweb bronze strings are a popular choice among acoustic guitar players. Their technology is advanced and nanoweb coating helps to reduce finger squeak and improve string feel. These acoustic strings are available in different gauges but my choice is 12-53 for its string tension.

3. D’Addario XTAPB1253

Modern acoustic guitar strings with great sound and feel.

  • 12-53
  • High carbon steel core
  • Phosphor bronze
D'Addario XTAPB1253

D’Addario XTAPB1253 phosphor bronze strings provide a balanced, warm tone with excellent projection and are one of the best acoustic guitar strings on the market. These strings are made of a high-quality phosphor bronze alloy known for its corrosion resistance and durability. I have used various D’Addario strings throughout the years but the XT series is the best in my opinion. Great set of acoustic strings for strumming.

4. Martin MA540

Durable and rich-sounding acoustic guitar strings for blues.

  • 12-54
  • Tin-plated steel core
  • 92/8 Phosphor bronze
Martin MA540

Martin MA540 strings are phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings with a tin-plated core. These strings are great for blues and country and come in different gauges. I’m new to Martin strings and I loved every set of strings I have played on. If you want your strings to have clarity and response, then MA540 acoustic strings are for you.

5. Dean Markley VintageBronze

One of the best acoustic guitar strings for fingerpicking.

  • 12-54
  • Steel core
  • 85/15 bronze
Dean Markley VintageBronze

Dean Markley VintageBronze acoustic guitar strings are great for fingerpicking and produce a warm, mellow tone. The particular one I am recommending is 12-54 gauge strings and has great tension and is great for fingerstyle players. These acoustic guitar strings have a vintage sound and the durability of modern strings and they also make good strings for electric guitars.

6. DR Strings DSA-2/12

Hard-coated acoustic guitar strings with a bright sound.

  • 12-54
  • Steel core
  • Phosphor bronze
DR Strings dragon skin strings

DR Strings Dragon Skin strings are handmade, hard-coated acoustic guitar strings that are known for their bright, clear, and loud sound. The coating also helps to reduce finger squeak and improve the feel of the strings. DR Strings DSA-2/12 are suitable for a wide range of playing styles and musical genres and come in different string gauges.


So, these are the best acoustic guitar strings that I have used through the years or specifically tested for this article. All of them are very durable, easy to play, can be used for different styles of playing, and offer a great quality of sound. Hope, you will find the right one for your taste and playing style.

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