Mic stands are essential accessory gear for every recording studio especially if you record vocals or drums.

With a high-quality microphone stand the recording process will be more fun and convenient.

So, choosing a good stand for a microphone is critical, and having a couple of mic stands is also recommended.

What’s The Best Mic Stand?

Here is the list of one of the best mic stands I can recommend to any home recording studio owner.

1. Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2010

A mic stand with good quality and affordable price.

  • Tripod base
  • 10-94″ height
  • Telescoping boom
Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2010

If you want a good and flexible microphone stand with a great price tag then GFW-MIC-2010 from Gator Frameworks is a great option. It has a collapsable tripod base, height adjustment twist clutch, and is made from steel. This can be used in the studio and on stage as well.

2. On-Stage MS7701TB

Superb and affordable mic stand with foldable legs.

  • Tripod base
  • 36-64″ height
  • Telescoping boom
On-Stage MS7701TB

On-Stage MS77001TB is a simple yet high-quality and flexible mic stand with an affordable price tag. The height can go up to 64″, it’s easy to transport, has good construction, and is great for vocal mics.

3. Behringer MS2050-L

One of the best boom mics stands from Behringer.

  • Tripod base
  • 36-82″ height
  • Fixed boom
Behringer MS2050-L

Behringer MS2050-L is a professional boom mic stand with a fixed, 27″ boom and tripod base. It’s a very cheap microphone stand and would be a great option if you are on a budget. Works great with dynamic and condenser mics.

4. Hercules Stands MS100B

One of the best desktop mic stands for home studios.

  • H-base
  • 11-17.5″ height
  • Low profile
Hercules Stands MS100B

MS100B is a great desk mic stand that is very simple to use, has a great price tag, and can be used for recording vocals or as a podcast microphone stand. Very comfortable stand and I recommend having at least one mic stand for the desk in your studio.

5. AirTurn GOSTAND

The best microphone stand that can be folded.

  • Tripod base
  • 58″ height
  • Straight stand
AirTurn GOSTAND mic stand

AirTurn GOSTAND is an interesting stand that can be folded which makes it a very convenient and flexible gear for a studio. The height can go up to 58″, and has a straight stand with no boom. An affordable microphone stand for a condenser microphone.

6. K&M 21021

One of the best drum mics stands for overheads.

  • Tripod base
  • 43-79″ height
  • Fixed boom
K&M 21021 microphone stand

K&M 21021 is a good microphone stand to use for drum overheads. The stand height can go up to 79″ legs can be folded which makes it very convenient. If you record acoustic drums in your studio, this would be a great option for you.


Microphone stands are accessories that you should have in your recording studio. A great thing is that there are many great stands you can choose from and use for vocals, drums, or recording amps. These best mic stands are very affordable, high quality, and flexible.

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