If you own a home studio and record vocals, you need to use a pop filter to record clean vocal takes.

One common issue that can ruin an otherwise perfect recording is harsh, explosive sounds that occur when certain consonants are pronounced.

And pop filters are essential tools for reducing or eliminating these unwanted sounds, resulting in a cleaner and more polished recording.

What’s The Best Pop Filter?

For this article, I have collected the best pop filters for recording vocals that offer great quality and relatively affordable pricing. Also, these microphone pop filters can be used for podcasting.

1. Stedman ProScreen 101

Affordable and premium quality pop filter.

  • 4.6″ diameter
  • 13″ gooseneck
Stedman ProScreen 101

Stedman ProScreen 101 is a popular choice among recording musicians and podcasters due to its effectiveness and durability. It features a metal filter screen that is designed to eliminate harsh sounds. It has a diameter of 4.6″ and the gooseneck, which has a length of 13″, offers great flexibility. The filter itself is transparent and has no bad impact on the sound.

2. Shure PS6

A great microphone pop filter from an amazing brand.

  • 6″ diameter
  • Nylon diffuser
  • Stand clamp
Shure PS6

Shure PS6 is one of the best pop filters that has great quality, flexibility, and price. It features a lightweight design and a flexible gooseneck that allows you to easily position it in front of your microphone, ensuring that it stays in place during recording sessions. The material of the filter is a nylon diffuser and it works perfectly with any type of vocal. Has an advanced stand clamp, 6″ diameter, and 13.97″ gooseneck.

3. Neumann PS20

The best pop filter for vocals with a 7″ diameter.

  • 7.87″ diameter
  • 12″ gooseneck
Neumann PS20

Neumann PS20 is another high-quality mic pop filter that is excellent for podcasting, recording, or any other voice-over applications. Features a simple design with a 7.87″ filter diameter, stand clamp, and gooseneck for flexibility. I have used it for various vocal recordings and I’m very satisfied with the results because it gets rid of all the harsh sibilance.

4. Avantone Pro PS1

Amazing filtering option to record vocals.

  • Curved metal screen
Avantone Pro PS1

Avantone Pro PS1 is a professional-grade pop filter that is designed for use with a wide range of microphones. It features a durable metal frame and a fine mesh screen that is designed to reduce pops and plosives effectively, resulting in a cleaner and more polished recording. Has an arch-type design and is perfect for condenser microphones. Awesome gear for any home studio because of the quality and the price.

5. SE Electronics Pop Screen

One of the best pop filters for home studios.

  • 5.25″ diameter
  • 13″ gooseneck
SE Electronics pop filter

SE Electronics Pop Screen is a very lightweight and simple pop filter for any type of microphone and can be used in recording sessions or podcasting. Made from metal it features a 5.25″ screen and 13″ gooseneck that makes it very comfortable to use. It also comes with an advanced stand clamp. An amazing pop filter to record clean vocals in any environment.

6. Hakan P110

Unique pop filter with the gooseneck and hydrophobic foam.

  • 13″ gooseneck
  • Hydrophobic foam
Hakan P110

Hakan P110 is a very interesting and somewhat unique pop filter. It has a gooseneck and stands clamp like other pop filters in this list but it uses hydrophobic foam instead of a metal screen. This is great because not only it reduces harsh sibilance but also repels moisture that is produced by breathing or singing. It’s a great shield for recording vocals and can be cleaned easily with water.


Microphone pop filters are essential gear for any home studio that records vocal tracks. This simple tool helps you to eliminate harsh sounds and record very clean vocal takes. And these are the best pop filters I can recommend to anyone who owns a recording studio or has a podcast.

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