Having a good and high-quality drumstick is very important. It will help you to play better and feel comfortable.

It’s very important for everything you do whether it’s practice, recording, or playing live shows.

But what is the best drumstick or how you can find the right one for you? Is there something you should pay attention to before buying one?

Well, that’s what this post is about because in this post you will find all the high-quality drumsticks.

What Are The Best Drum Sticks?

Here is my list of the best drumsticks for everyone whether you are a beginner or intermediate drummer. Also, these drumsticks will work for acoustic and electronic drums.

1. Vic Firth American Classic 5A

Great overall drumsticks from an amazing brand.

  • 5A
  • 16″ length
  • .565″ diameter
Vic Firth American Classic

Vic Firth American Classic is a great drumstick for everyone who wants to own a high-quality product. It’s very affordable, very comfortable to play with, and one of the best for recording drums.

It’s made from hickory and has a wooden tip with a tear shape. This particular model is great for any style of drumming and is used by many famous drummers in the world.

2. Innovative Percussion CMS-1

High-quality drumsticks for every type of drumming.

  • Concert
  • 16.5″ length
  • .640″ diameter
Innovative Percussion CMS-1

Innovative Percussion CMS-1 is a premium quality drumstick that is great for different types of drums and percussions. These pair look and sound cool and has a very comfortable feel.

It is made from hickory and has wooden tips and latex sleeves which makes it very comfortable to play with. This is one of the best drumsticks for drums, concert snares, and marching toms.

3. Vater Manhattan 7A

One of the best drumsticks for electronic drums.

  • 7A
  • 16″ length
  • .540″ diameter
Vater Manhattan drumsticks

If you play electronic drums then Vater Manhattan is one of the best for that. This model includes a wooden tip drumstick but I chose one with nylon tips. The quality is superb and the size is very comfortable.

Also, the price is very affordable and that’s another reason why you should try it out. And this drumstick is great for playing any style of music like jazz, rock, metal, etc.

4. Meinl Stick & Brush 5A

Multi-purpose drumsticks for every kind of drummer.

  • 5A
  • 16.5″ length
  • .565″ diameter
Meinl Stick & Brush 5A

Meinl Stick & Brush 5A drumstick is a very comfortable and versatile one. It has tips on both ends – one is a standard wooden tip and on the other end, it has a felt mallet head which makes it a versatile drumstick.

You don’t need to own a separate mallet because you have a 2-in-1 type of drumstick. And because of that, this is one of the best drumsticks to use in different situations.

5. Promark Classic Attack 7A

Perhaps the best drumsticks for beginners.

  • 7A
  • 15.375″ length
  • 0.512″ diameter
Promark Classic Attack drumsticks

I think that Promark Classic Attack 7A is a great drumstick for beginner drummers because it’s a little bit thinner. Also, feels very comfortable, and playing with it is fun.

Made from oak it has a wooden tip however the model also comes in nylon tips. Also, these drumsticks are very durable and are good not only for beginners but professional drummers too. Works great with rides and hi-hats and I love mixing drums that are recorded with these drumsticks.

6. Zildjian Acorn 5A

Beautiful and durable drumsticks from a great brand.

  • 5A
  • 16″ length
  • .560″ diameter
Zildjian Acorn 5A

Not only Zildjian Acorn is a great quality drumstick but it’s one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. It comes in different colors but my favorite is the green one because green is my favorite color.

You can shine in gigs because these drumsticks have a glow effect in the dark. Also, these are very balanced drumsticks great for every style of drumming. It’s made from hickory and has a wooden tip with an acorn shape.

7. Ahead Classic Series 5A

Favorite rock drumsticks with quality and style.

  • 5A
  • 16″ length
  • .540″ diameter
Ahead Classic Series 5A

Among my drummer friends, Ahead Classic Series is the best drumstick for rock. They like the style, power, and how easy it is to play drums with these. The looks are really good and the quality is superb. These drumsticks are made with aluminum core and have polyurethane sleeves and oval-shaped nylon tips.

It’s a great drumstick pair for electronic drums, acoustic drums, and playing rock or metal genre. However, you can use it for any type of drumming and you will be satisfied. The price is a little higher compared to other drumsticks but it’s worth every penny.


If you want to be a good drummer you need to practice a lot but if you want to play comfortably then you need the best drumsticks. So, if you are a beginner or even a pro drummer and want to try some cool sticks, you can choose any drumstick from this list and you will be very satisfied.

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