Having good electronic drums in a home studio opens up many recording possibilities for you.

With an electronic drum set, you can record demos or professional mixes. Also, there are plenty of effects you can use to create weird and unique drum sound effects.

Electronic drums are an alternative way to record drums. Although it won’t have the same feel and sound as acoustic drums, it will still work. And it will sound better and more real than programmed drums.

What’s The Best Electronic Drum Set?

So, if you are searching for the best electronic drum sets, check out my list and choose the right one for you.

1. Alesis Command Mesh

Amazingly great electronic drums with great sound and features.

  • 5 drum pads
  • 3 cymbal pads
  • Command drum module
Alesis Command Mesh

Alesis Command Mesh is the ultimate choice for home recording. This electronic drum set has everything you need to record awesome drum parts. It’s a full drum set with drum and cymbal pads.

And the great thing is the module which is one of the best drum modules I have used. And it comes with awesome features. It offers a huge amount of sounds and drum kits, and you can import your drum samples too. Great for recording and practicing.

2. Yamaha DTX452K

Great electronic drums with a superb drum module.

  • 5 drum pads
  • 3 cymbal pads
  • DTX 402 module
Yamaha DTX452K

Yamaha DTX452K is an amazing electronic drum set for a home recording studio. It’s a feature-packed instrument with amazing sounds. DTX series comes with all the essential hardware. This is a 5-piece drum set and has great pads that feel real.

DTX 402 drum module includes 10 drum kits, 280+ drum voices, and 120+ keyboard voices. Also, comes with different reverb effects. This Yamaha is one of the best electronic drum kits for recording.

3. Roland TD-1K

Simple, minimalist drums for practice and recording.

  • 4 drum pads
  • 3 cymbal pads
  • Roland drum module
Roland TD-1K

Roland TD-1K is a member of the V-Drums series and a professional electronic drum and it is great for recording. It’s quite affordable and most home studio owners can afford it. The size of TD-1K is compact and will fit in any room.

The module includes 15 different drums and has analog inputs and outputs. Comes with pedals and all the necessary accessories. V-Drums cymbals have advanced expressiveness. It’s a highly recommended drum set.

4. Behringer XD80USB

One of the best electronic drum sets for beginners.

  • 5 drum pads
  • 3 cymbal pads
  • HDS240USB module
Behringer XD80USB

Behringer XD80USB is the most affordable electronic drum set on this list. And like any other Behringer product, it has good quality. It’s a 5-piece drum with great sound and features. Playing and recording are very easy with XD80USB.

The drum module includes a huge collection of sounds and presets. Also, you can add 5 custom presets. A wonderful and affordable electronic drum for home recording. In my comparison between electronic and acoustic drums, I said that electronic drums lack dynamics but this particular model feels like real drums.

5. KAT KT 150

Affordable electronic drums with presets and reverb.

  • 5 drum pads
  • 3 cymbal pads
  • KT-150 module
KAT KT150 electronic drums

KT-150 electronic drum set from KAT is another amazing instrument to have in your home studio. It’s great not only for recording but practice too and comes with amazing features and sound options. This is a full drum set with cymbals, three toms, and a great drum module.

The module offers effects like reverb, fifteen presets for various drums, and 150+ individual sounds which makes it a desirable electronic drum for any drummer. It’s a professional set yet has a very affordable price tag.

6. Donner DED 200

Affordable electronic drum set for beginners.

  • 5 drum pads
  • 4 cymbal pads
  • 450 drum sounds
donner electronic drums

The reason I chose Donner DED 200 is that I have owned this electronic drum kit and I loved the sound it produces. Also, it’s a very affordable piece of gear and is great for beginner drummers. This particular full-piece drum comes with a great module that contains multiple drum kits and sounds you can use for practice or recording.

The Donner drum module is very easy to use and includes 30+ drum kits, 50 demo songs, and 450 different drum sounds. If you are a beginner or own a small home recording studio, this might be a better choice because it’s a great set of electronic drums for recording.


As you can see you have different options to choose from. These are some of the best electronic drum sets for recording and are a step up from VST drum plugins. You can practice, record, use it on stage, and allows you to create awesome sound with effects.

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