Bass amp sims are a convenient way to record bass guitars. It gives you different options and great tones. It’s easy and you have total control of your sound.

There are many awesome VST plugins that are dedicated to bass amps. And in this post, we discuss the best free and premium bass guitar amplifier plugins.

Bass amp VST plugins are great for home recording studios. If you have a small or untreated recording room, then bass VST plugins are a great choice.

What’s The Best Bass Amp Sim?

Premium and free bass amp plugins like guitar amp sims offer superb and realistic tones. Some plugins are based on classic and popular amps and these bass amp VSTs include various cabinets, speakers, mics, and other options.

1. Ampeg B15N

Ampeg B15N

Ampeg B15N is a plugin that sounds amazing and realistic. Based on the classic bass amplifier, this VST plugin offers a pure classic bass tone. This amp plugin can output from clean to dirty tones. But it’s not a simple amp.

It offers great options to dial in a vast amount of bass tones thanks to its features. The interface is very modern and intuitive. Also, the price is quite reasonable.

The B15N amp plugin has two channels with two different preamp sections. You can control volume, bass, and treble but it has other tone options. Has a noise gate, and compressor module, and you can choose different cabinets and recording chan. If you love SVT-style tones, then this is the perfect plugin for you.

Ampeg B-15N Features:

  • 2 Preamp Circuits
  • FX Rack
  • 42 Recording Chains

2. Blackice Beta Gamma

Blackice Beta Gamma

Blackice Beta Gamma is a beautiful, simple, yet powerful bass VST plugin. The tones you can create with this amp sim are superb. It gives you the ability to change almost anything in your bass tone.

Works well with a modern digital audio workstation and is a great solution for home recording. If you don’t have a real bass amp, you can get this and record awesome bass riffs. This VST bass amp sounds amazing.

First, the plugin has a simple amp head section where you can tweak gain, volume, comp, and even 6-band graphic EQ. But the power comes from impulses and cabinets.

After you import your favorite bass impulses, you can control almost everything. Choose a cabinet, add your favorite mic, and choose position and distance. Then you can control noise gates, phasing, filters, and more. Beta Gamma bass amp VST allows you to fully control your bass tone.

Blackice Betta Gamma Features:

  • Graphic EQ
  • Cabinets
  • Microphones
  • Noise Gate

3. GK Amplification Pro

GK Amplification Pro

GK Amplification Pro is a tool made for bass recording and mixing. It makes it so easy to dial in realistic and juicy bass tones. The interface, features, sound options, and quality are superb.

Gallien-Krueger amps simulation is one of the most realistic bass plugins I have ever used. You can choose different cabinets, mics, positions, and much more. It simulates three amps and 5+ cabinets and microphones.

It’s a two-channel bass amp sim with preamp and voicing sections. It allows controlling boost, tweeter, and woofer too. Then you can choose a cabinet of your liking, mic, and place it as you want.

This bass amp plugin has a dual channel and you can use two different cabinets with different mic positions. It also comes with sound presets that are a great way to start dialing in great bass tones.

GK Amplification Pro Features:

  • Superb Sound Quality
  • Cabinets
  • Mic Positions

4. Cerberus Bass Amplifikation

Cerberus Bass Amplifikation

Cerberus Bass Amplifikation by Kuassa offers a simple but powerful solution for bass recording. This simple-to-use bass amp plugin has everything to produce realistic bass tones. Offers three different channels, an impulse loader, mic positions, and more.

Different amp channels, built-in compressor, EQ, and the ability to use different mics, are what make the Cerberus plugin a go-to tool for bass recording. Also, it’s an affordable plugin and you can try the demo before buying.

The amp head section is straightforward. From here you can choose the type of amp, tweak the compressor, and standard EQ. Additionally, it has a 7-band graphic EQ for more control.

Below you have a cabinet section where you choose the cabinet and mics. You can have a dual cabinet setup and control the mix of two microphones. This bass plugin works as a VST and standalone plugin.

Cerberus Bass Amplifikation Features:

  • 3 Amps
  • Built-in Compressor and Limiter
  • 7-Band EQ

5. Bass Deluxe

Bass Deluxe

Bass Deluxe could be a premium plugin but it’s free and awesome. The sound that comes out from this bass amp plugin is superb and it’s great for clean and dirty tones. One of my favorite bass amp sims that exist.

Not only that, but it has so many great features that allow you to tweak your sound and dial in amazing bass tones.

This is a two-channel bass amp plugin with simple controls for each channel. You can control compression, drive, and clean sound. But each channel has 9-band graphic EQ which allows you to control your sound even further.

Bass Deluxe has four different types of cabinets with more sound options. And finally, it has a pedalboard section with six high-quality effects pedals. This is a diverse bass amp sim for recording.

Bass Deluxe Features:

  • Two-channel
  • Pedalboard
  • Graphic EQ
  • Four Bass Cabinets

6. Ignite Amps SHB-1

Ignite SHB-1 bass amp vst

Ignite Amps SHB-1 is another amazing and simple-to-use bass amp simulation plugin. It’s a simulation of a bass amp head and you will need some kind of IR loader.

It works with a free IR loader by Lancaster Audio. But you can use what you like. The plugin itself is very simple and produces great tones. You can control input and output volumes and has an oversampling option.

This bass amp VST has switches for deep, bright, and shape that allow you to add characteristics to your bass tone. The preamp section is simple with gain, volume, balance, bass, mid, and treble knobs.

The balance knob works like presence and adds brightness. And another great feature is the stereo option. If you want to have a stereo signal chain with the SHB-1 bass amp sim, you can. A great recording VST plugin for bass guitar.

Ignite Amps SHB-1 Features:

  • Oversampling
  • Stereo Signal
  • Deep, Bright, and Shape Switches


TSE BOD bass amp plugin

TSE BOD is based on the famous bass processing unit Tech 21 SansAmp. This is not a bass pedal but a bass amp itself. However, it can be used with any IR loader. But most times you don’t need it because it sounds amazing.

Also, it’s great to record bass DI sound. The plugin is very simple to use with a couple of knobs. But it’s powerful and has superb sound quality.

Once you plug your bass into TSE BOD you have several options. You can control level, drive, presence, and low and high frequencies. But a great feature is the blend knob. It works if you have drive engaged.

So, you can blend your clean and drive signals to add clarity to your dirty tones. Of course, you have the option to use only clean or distorted sound. The plugin offers stereo signal chain and oversampling options.

TSE BOD Features:

  • Amazing Sound
  • Blend Clean and Dirty Tones
  • Great for DI Recording

8. Doctor Bass

Doctor Bass amp sim

Doctor Bass by DamyFX is a simple bass amp sim that offers good sound but lacks options. However, it’s great to quickly capture your ideas and record your bass riffs.

The plugin is good for simple bass recording but it sounds good. At least it’s a free plugin. So, if you need a simple plugin without advanced sound options, it’s for you.

Doctor Bass plugin has one bass amp head and four bass cabinets. The amp head allows you to control gain, volume, and EQ. Then you can choose from four different cabinets and that’s it. It’s a simple but great-sounding amp plugin.

Sometimes the fewer options you have is better to create great bass tones. Great bass amplifier plugin to create quick tracks or demo recordings. Doesn’t require too much CPU or RAM power.

Doctor Bass Features:

  • Four Bass Cabinets
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Simple To Use

9. Bass Grinder

Bass Grinder

Bass Grinder is an old and popular free bass amp sim. Made by Audio Assault that makes other great free plugins. Although the plugin interface looks dated and not so eye-catching, the sound is great.

Like the Doctor Bass plugin, it’s simple to use and great for demo recordings. Also, you are limited to options but that doesn’t make this plugin bad. It has its purpose.

You have a few options. You can choose from two bass amps and three cabinets. From this combination, you can dial in your tone easily. You can control drive, volume, EQ, and depth.

Also, the plugin allows you to control input gain and it has a gate feature. Really good and simple bass plugin for home recording.

Bass Grinder Features:

  • Two Bass Amps
  • Three Cabinets
  • Depth Control


Bass amp sims are a great option to record music at your home studio. These plugins are convenient and offer an amazing feature where you can dial your desired bass tones. Some plugins offer more features than others. Premium bass plugins have better quality but free plugins are as good as they can be. Free plugins are great to learn how they work and also for those who don’t want to spend money on bass plugins.

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