To record a good and huge drum sound you need to use the best drum mics for recording.

A vast collection of drum microphones are on the market but some of them work better in a recording environment.

And the best solution regarding convenience and price, it’s better to buy a drum kit mic that includes all the necessary microphones to record drums.

What’s The Best Drum Mic For Recording?

Here are my favorite and some of the best drum mic kits you can buy for your home studio.


Amazing microphones for recording drums.

  • 5-piece mic kit
shure drum kit mics

Shure PGADRUMKIT5 is a set of recording microphones for drums. It’s a professional, 5-piece mic kit great for home recording studios. The kit consists of a kick mic, snare mic, and tom mics. It also comes with accessories such as microphone mounts, cables, and a carrying case.

Shure drum mic kit is a high-quality product and it’s a great kit for a small drum set. Mics have almost flat frequency response, some boost in highs, and cover a wide range of frequencies. PGADRUMKIT5 is a great solution if you have an acoustic drum in your home studio.

2. Audix FP5

One of the best drum mics for recording.

  • 5-piece mic kit
Audix drum mic kit

Audix FP5 is another great, 5-piece drum mic kit. Comes with one kick drum mic, a mic for snare, and three microphones for toms. A snare mic also could be used for guitar amp cabinets, bongos, and acoustic guitars. All the mics are dynamic and the package comes with accessories and a case.

FP5 mics have a hyper-cardioid polar pattern, an output impedance of 580ohms, and a frequency range that spans from 50Hz to 15kHz. This drum mic kit is perfect for home recording and live performances. I love these microphones and they are awesome mics for home studios.

3. Audio Technica ATM DRUM4

Awesome sounding microphones for drums.

  • 4-piece mic kit
Audio Technica drum mics for recording

Audio Technica ATM DRUM4 is a great drum mic set for small drum sets. This set is not only great for home recording but also for live performances in small clubs or churches. The set includes mics for the snare, and kick, and two microphones for overheads. You can capture the room sound with this set.

These are very versatile and great-sounding dynamic mics. They are designed to capture the sound and avoid any interference from the sides or back. Overhead mics have a low-cut switch and they are also great for recording acoustic instruments. The bass drum mic sounds awesome and has a full low end.

4. PreSonus DM7

Full drum mic kit for recording amazing drum sounds.

  • 7-piece mic kit
PreSonus DM7

PreSonus DM7 is one of the best recording microphones for drums. It’s a complete drum mic set and comes with seven mics. Microphones for snare, kick, toms, and overheads. This is a great choice if you want to capture the whole drum sound in your recording studio. Also, mics can be used for other instruments.

Mics are dynamic and cover a wide range of frequency spectrums. A kick mic has a boost in low and high mids, tom and snare mics have a small boost of around 5k, and overheads have a boost of around 6k. Very high-quality complete drum microphone kit that can be used for other instruments too.

5. Samson DK707

Very affordable mic kit to record drums.

  • 7-piece mic kit
Samson DK707

Samson DK707 is a complete drum mic kit with seven mics. It contains mics for kick, snare, toms, and overheads. This is good quality mic set and can be used to record other instruments. Also, it’s an affordable alternative to other expensive kits.

A great feature of DK707 is that it contains two instrument mics for overheads. It allows you to capture room sounds and create natural reverb. It’s great for home recording and small live performances.

6. Behringer BC1200

Awesome and cheap drum mic kit for recording.

  • 7-piece mic kit
Behringer BC1200

Behringer BC1200 is a very affordable and great-sounding drum mic set. This is an entry-level, complete microphone set with seven mics to record the whole drum with room sound. Because it’s an affordable product, every home recording studio owner can buy it and have it in their studios.

BC1200 comes with mics for the snare, and kick, two overheads, and three mics for toms. Mics have great sound and they can be used to record other musical instruments such as acoustic guitars.


All these are the best drum mics for recording and can be used not only in home studios but in any professional recording studio. They have reasonable price tags and awesome quality.

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