When recording or playing live one of the most important things is to have your guitar in tune. And guitar tuners help us to do it easily.

There are hundreds of different guitar tuner pedals with awesome features but also there are many free guitar tuner apps too.

Of course, if you can tune your guitar without a tuner is a great skill but with tuners for guitar, we can tune our instruments perfectly.

That’s why I created this list where you will find all kinds of tuners such as pedals, apps, and clip-on guitar tuners.

What Is The Best Guitar Tuner?

Choosing the best guitar tuner is not as easy a task as it sounds. So, to help you I tested and chose tuners that offer great features and quality. And I did a mix of different types of guitar tuners.

1. TC Electronic PolyTune 3

polytune 3

TC Electronic PolyTune 3 is the best guitar tuner I have ever used and I’m still using it. Has a compact size, tunes the guitar perfectly, and the LED screen is perfect for on-stage use. You can choose between analog buffer or true bypass options and it has no impact on the sound. And one of my favorite thing about this guitar tuner is that you can strum all the strings and it will show you which strings are out of tune. Used by many guitar players and it’s a highly recommended tuner for guitars.


  • Has an alternate tuning mode
  • Very accurate and fast tuner
  • Great for stage

2. Boss TU3S

boss tu3s

Boss TU3S is another amazing tuner for guitar and bass with cool features and high quality. It has a compact size and fits perfectly on any pedalboard. This is a chromatic tuner with a detailed LED meter with a brightness control that is great if you are on a dark stage. Also, it’s a very accurate guitar tuner where you can switch between stream or cent modes and it’s a great tuner for extended range guitars and basses.


  • You can tune bass and guitar
  • Supports 7-string guitars and 6-string bass guitars
  • Drop tuning support

3. Peterson StroboStomp

strobostomp guitar tuner

Peterson StroboStomp is one of the best guitar tuner pedals I have ever used and I didn’t know about it before recently. I was amazed at how easy to use yet powerful this tuner pedal is. The small size, quality, and features make it a great solution for any guitar player who needs a reliable tuner for their guitars. Has a big and beautiful LED screen that makes tuning guitar a breeze. Also, it comes with different LED screen colors.


  • Pure buffer mode
  • True bypass
  • Alternate tuning support

4. GuitarTunio

guitartunio tuner app

GuitarTunio is one of the best guitar tuner apps you can download for Android or iOS. It is packed with amazing features and you can tune guitars, basses, and ukuleles in different tunings. However, it’s a premium app so you need to buy a pro version to unlock alternate tunings and musical instruments. It’s an accurate tuner with easy to use user interface.


  • Multiple instruments and tuning support
  • Built-in metronome
  • 1000+ guitar and ukulele chords

5. Ibanez BigMini

ibanez bigmini tuner

Ibanez BigMini is another small guitar tuner pedal with great features, accurate tuning abilities, and high quality. It’s a chromatic tuner with needle and strobe modes and is perfect for tuning electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. The tuning range is between A0 and C8 which helps to tune 5-string bass without issues. Has a clear and bright LED screen, the size is small and it will fit on any pedalboard.


  • Wide tuning range
  • Drop tune mode
  • True bypass

6. Boss Tuner

boss tuner app

Boss Tuner is my favorite guitar tuner app on Android. I have been using it for years and I am very satisfied. I tune all my guitars and basses with the Boss Tuner app and it works perfectly. Although it’s a guitar tuner you can use it for other musical instruments such as ukulele, mandolin, etc. Has a simple user interface and cool settings where you can change the sensitivity, pitch, colors, and more.


  • Very accurate tuner
  • Great for guitars and basses
  • Reference pitch

7. Fishman FT20

fishman ft20 clip on tuner

Fishman FT20 is a chromatic digital guitar tuner and it’s a clip-on style tuner that is great for tuning acoustic guitars. You just clip it on the headstock and tune your guitar that way. Has a great LED screen that shows you the note as you tune the guitar. Also, the main use of the clip-on tuners is for acoustic guitars it can be used for electric guitars too. They are affordable and very easy to use.


  • Range of A0 to C8
  • very accurate guitar tuner
  • Turns off after 5-minute inactivity

8. GuitarTuna

guitartuna app

GuitarTuna is a very interesting guitar tuner app with awesome built-in features that makes it more than a tuner for guitars. You can tune guitars, basses, ukuleles, violins, and much more with GuitarTuna. Also, it includes tools like chord diagrams, chord libraries, ear training, etc. And what I like the most is that you can learn how to play famous songs where you can see what chord the song uses.


  • Ear training option
  • Chord libraries
  • Song chords for learning

9. Fender Guitar Tuner

fender guitar tuner

Fender Guitar Tuner is one of the best guitar tuners for smartphones and it works with Android and iOS. It allows you to tune electric, acoustic, bass guitars, and ukuleles in alternate tunings but you can create a custom tuning too. Has different tuning modes such as automatic and manual and you can open features such as chord diagrams, scale patterns, metronome, and more by creating an account. Also, it has a section where you can read various tuning tips for different instruments.


  • Tunes 4 instruments
  • You can create custom tunings
  • Different tuner modes


I tested many different tuners for guitars and created this list of best guitar tuners for everyone who needs a reliable tuning pedal or app. I recommend having tuners in any format such as app, pedal, and clip-on tuner because you can tune your guitar anywhere and anytime. That’s why I included all three types of guitar tuners in this list.


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